Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Catching Up

Dear Catching Up,

So I feel like I am always a step behind.  I always hear about things after the fact.  I make a crash landing via parachute onto the IT train long after it has long left the station.

I joined Facebook after most of my friends ("You're still NOT on Facebook yet?").  I didn't own a music player until long after they had been around.  I didn't start watching every single one of my favorite shows (American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Lost, Grey's Anatomy) until the second season.  My mom was blogging and using PowerPoint long before I.  And (now don't laugh... too hard) I didn't even know that a blog is short for "weblog" until recently (okay, shoot me).

My explanation for all this?  Children.  Raising my high maintenance children and living my life around them.  Everything became secondary to the welfare of my kids.  They get computer time before I do during the day.  They own their iPad and iTouch (gifts to THEM) before their parents. They get to go see a movie in the theater on opening weekend.  Sure, I am a part of what makes all this happen, so that really isn't the true reason.

The real reason is: I'm lazy (although it sounds better to use my kids as an excuse).  Doing something new requires time and commitment.  Creating a new account on Facebook requires the determination to reach out to people and allow them to look into your life.  Until I was ready for that and the time it takes for it, I just hadn't been interested.  Now you cannot pry me away from Facebook.  Owning a music player means actively listening to music.  Who had time to listen to music?  (I didn't, when my days were spent trying to recover from sleep deprivation).  It means sitting down and uploading tons of music onto your music player, creating playlists, and deciding which songs make the cut to make them all fit.  But once I had one, I remembered why listening to music was so enjoyable; I surrendered and allowed myself to get lost in music while I cleaned or fell asleep.  Watching a TV show requires even more commitment, even with the blessing of a digital video recorder (which has been a lifesaver in my tiny world of entertainment).  It means hours spent on watching shows each and every week.  But once hooked, the emotional involvement proves that it was worth the time.  I realized that if I hear enough buzz about something, eventually I will be attempted to try them.  Then afterwards I wonder why I didn't hop on board earlier.  So I guess it takes a monumental push to get my lazy ass into motion. When the excitement meter rises above my lazy gauge, then I make a go for it.

Suffice it to say, I am not a huge fan of trying new things.  I am happy with the status quo, either out of sheer laziness or simple contentment.  But once I succeed, commitment takes root.  As I have recently started to write my blog, I have had to take pictures.  Since I am publishing posts often, I need to upload photos onto the computer on a fairly routine basis.  Prior to this, I had only done it a few times, with help.  Why would I ever do it when my Dear Husband always did all the work?  Now he just snickers at me and joyfully exclaims how he never has to upload pictures anymore.  As I got more comfortable with my blog, I even started inserting videos into them.  I really broke down and had my DH show me how to transfer videos from the camcorder onto the computer.  That, my friends, is dedication.  But now I have no more excuses.  I can't pretend I don't know how to do it anymore. I can't just be lazy anymore.

So I got myself an invite to Google+ (Google's beta version of a social networking site), trying to get on at least one train at an early stop.  And where did that take me?  An account with a bunch of empty circles.  I guess my motto shall still be: better late than never.



  1. ha i did not know what blog meant til i read your letter =) now i know.

  2. I just started to write comments on your blog, even though I read them and enjoyed them long ago with laughing and tears in many nights. I am always late.. it is our "other" family last name.. But like you said it well, better late than never!