Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dear August

Dear August,

You are the blurriest month of the year.  I don't know the things that will either make my life a well-oiled machine or a living hell.  The things are, in fact, my schedule during the upcoming school year.  So until the kids start school and everything is set, I feel like I don't have my glasses on.

If you were I, you wouldn't be able to see the large E on an vision examination chart.  I am that blind.  And that's how I feel right now. I can't see which days will be easy-and-quick or take-out dinner days.  I can't tell which are my Chauffeur Mom days where I 'm driving like mad from point A to point B.  I can't see which days I can schedule to do those precious things that are exclusively for me.

To make my OCD life manageable, I depend on a calendar.  I AM a calendar freak.  I need to have everything placed on my calendar, pronto.  I used to be all Franklin Covey, pen and paper about my calendar, but I have finally converted to a digital one that syncs between my smartphone and Google Calendar.  I LOVE it.  It means I have my calendar with me at all times.  I love being able to press the Repeat button and have all my weeks fill up automatically.  I love to see a well organized, evenly spread, and happily balanced calendar.  And my calendar is itching to be filled with repeated events of the school year. 

Before the 2011-2012 calendar kicks into gear, there are still many things up in the air.  We're waiting to see which teacher my Dear Daughter will have for third grade.  We're waiting to see if my Dear Son has AM or PM preschool.  We're waiting to see which day and what time will be DD's violin and repertoire lessons.  We are waiting to schedule gymnastic classes for both kids.  I am waiting to see which parent volunteers are going to help me (the newly appointed chair of Healthy Snack at DS's preschool) buy and prepare fruits and vegetables for the kids every Thursday of the school year.  I am waiting to see what my role entails as a new board member of the organization that oversees DD's music school.  I am waiting for the full schedule of DD's music concerts so that I can plan for my moments of panic just before her performances.

That is just to name a few of the things I am waiting for.  Not to mention all the adjustments and revisions that occur before the schedule is set in stone.  The anticipation of knowing all these answers is just about blinding me!  But until then, my calendar is still empty, events waiting to be scheduled.  I just cannot wait to have 20/20 vision again, soon.



  1. oh my goodness.. i know how you feel! i'm trying to figure out gymnastics, dance, and music classes for the kids now.. and i'm still on a paper calendar! jason set up google calendar for me.. i'll try to make more of an effort. it's really that awesome, eh? and i feel your ocd tendencies.. i'm still fuming over the fact that we forgot to take out the rainbow fruit salad that i made for audrey's party.. and that jason moved all the food to the lawn when it should have all stayed on the deck... and that he forgot to turn off the sprinklers the day before so the lawn was all wet the morning of her party. :-) jason says we can't ever have parties at home anymore because i get psycho.

  2. My Android phone auto syncs with Google Calendar, so it's awesome! Also, when something repeats for a semester, you only have to input it once. So easy. You crack me up about your Jason stories. When you put together a great party like that, you get to call the shots! He gets to just listen and do as you say!

  3. That is very funny about Jason! And I guess I can only undertand how you must feel since I dont have those problems =) But I do hope that you get your 20/20 vision back soon.

  4. What a great read! Are you talking to me?! I am so with you about August. I am still in a "wait-and-see" phase that I can't help but hoping I can see my life (= my girls' school year schedules and activities) clearly again..