Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Now and Later

Dear Now and Later,

I want it now,
I cannot wait.
I need it now,
Before it's too late.

There's a toy at Target,
That I have to get.
I just don't know which one,
Since we haven't met yet.

My tummy is starving,
And I need a snack.
Don't make me wait one minute,
Else I get a hunger attack.

I need to go potty,
So hurry up and take me.
I'm already doing the Pee Dance,
I'm getting too wiggly!

I want to play outside,
And ride my scooter and bike.
So put on my helmet now,
And just come do what I like!

Do I have to now?
I'm not ready yet.
Can I have more time,
So I don't get upset?

Do we have to leave?
My show is not finished!
Can I keep watching
So I don't feel punished?

I don't want to brush,
My teeth are not dirty.
I still have more time,
It's not even 9:30.

I don't like only three books.
Please, Mommy, just one more?
It's really not that late yet,
And this book I really adore!

I'll do it eventually.
I'll do it soon.
I'll close my eyes now,
And say, goodnight, moon.

Me (through the eyes of a four-year-old)

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