Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Fall

Dear Fall,

You are here!
Leaves of orange, yellow, and red are starting to appear
On masses and tufts of upright greens.
They sense that their time has come to
Transform their hues and alter their pigmentation,
To paint the world an entirely different mood.
And then the leaves will
Fall, Fall, Fall down.

Summer's thick, smothering atmosphere has lifted.
The air is now cool and crisp, like the crunch into a fresh, tart apple.
That first breath of brisk, morning Fall air whisks away any
Last hints of sleepiness and grooms me for the day.
I prepare to witness Mother Nature
Turn the dial down in the next few weeks
As the temperatures
Fall, Fall, Fall down.

After a summer's worth of television hiatus
And brain deactivation,
New shows premier, and old favorites return.
Determined not to miss out on the biggest new hit,
The good old DVR is prepped with an awesome lineup.
Clear out those old kids' shows.
Get ready for some tube time, as our bottoms, into the comfy couch
Fall, Fall, Fall down.

Moreover, as football season begins,
So does DH's weekly Saturday rendezvous
With our satellite TV. 
Cheers, commands, and other exclamations spew out
For all of our sakes, I pray that our team avoids any fumbles or interceptions
By hanging on to that odd-shaped ball for dear life, so that it does not
Fall, Fall, Fall down.

A fruitful season arrives to provide us with bountiful
Harvests of delicious fruits and vegetables.
Better I now enjoy my butternut squash soup,
Pumpkin pies, and apple cider
Before the dread of winter, its long dark hours
And chilling emptiness,
Take a hold of my spirits and make it
Fall, Fall, Fall down. 

You are my notice to turn over a new leaf.


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