Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Healthy Snack

Dear Healthy Snack,

How do you like our weekly rendezvous on Thursdays?  This school year, I am Dear Son's preschool's PTO Healthy Snack chair.  It has made my life interesting, healthy, busy, connected, and full of numbers.  Here are some number facts about our PTO-funded Healthy Snack Program.

5: Number of weeks we have done this so far.

208: Current number of preschool student enrollment.  The count goes up throughout the year after 4 scheduled screening dates.

26: Number of AM plus PM classes.

3: Number of ads I look at to find the best deals on fresh fruit or produce for the week.

2: Days before Thursday when I go shopping for the food.

1: Number of times I email the teachers, school nurse, school principal, school administrator, and PTO President what I am serving each week.

1: Number of times I go shopping for Healthy Snacks at a produce market per week for its great values for Healthy Snack.

1: Number of times I go shopping at the same market for myself, stocking our fridge with fresh fruit, vegetables, and other groceries at a great price.  (Two birds, one stone).

2: Number of times I go to the preschool on Thursdays for Healthy Snack, AM and PM.  It's a blessing that I only live minutes away.

2: Number of large, blue IKEA bags I use to haul all the food to school.  I call myself the bag lady.

2: Number of healthy snack items we serve each time.  So far, we've had: watermelon and oranges, apples and bananas, cantaloupe and grapes, carrots and cucumbers (with ranch dip), and apples and cheese.

3: Number of parents working the AM shift.

3: Number of parents working the PM shift.

5: Number of moms that have volunteered to help me in AM and PM sessions, who are committed to come every single week.

Infinite: Amount of gratitude I have for these parents to make my job easier and more efficient.

Tons: Amount of fun I have chit-chatting with these moms while we work.

2: Number of cutting boards we use for cutting snacks.

3: Number of knives we use for preparing snacks: 1 chef's knife, 2 paring knives, (oh, and a peeler), and I bring my own knife.

4: Boxes of gloves in stock for us to use. We are the only people who walk up and down the halls of the school in blue nitrile hospital gloves with trays of Healthy Snacks in hand.

2: Number of bowls we use for holding cut foods, and number of trays we use for delivering snacks.

4: Capacity of paper food wells in which we serve snacks, in ounces.

53: Number of golden delicious apples I bought for this past week, at 49 cents per pound.

1/4: Fraction of apple each student received, cored and sliced.

13: Pounds of Wisconsin cheddar cheese I bought for this week, at $2.99 per pound.

1: Approximate ounce of cheese each student received, cubed.

$23.86: The least amount of money I have spent so far on one Healthy Snack day for the whole school.

$45.52: The most amount of money I have spent so far on one Healthy Snack day for the whole school.

1: Number of hours it takes 3 parents to wash, peel/cut, distribute, and deliver snacks to all classrooms (it's like a really well-oiled assembly line). 

Priceless: The value of our preschool kids eating freshly prepared Healthy Snacks. 

Just for that last number fact, I am happily dedicated to you, Healthy Snack!  Not to mention, I also benefit from buying fresh produce weekly for myself, and I am able to serve yummy healthy snacks to my family, all week long.  Win-win.


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