Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Same As

Dear Same As,

Of late, Dear Son is having a serious case of "you followed by his big sister."  In other words, he always wants to be the exact Same As his Jie Jie ('big sister').  ALL. THE. FRIGGIN. TIME.  Dear Daughter finds this both endearing and annoying, depending on when you ask her.  Although this seems like an innocuous problem, when it happens everyday for weeks on end, well... you get the idea.  This is how we start each and every day, for the past many weeks:

Me: What would you like to eat for breakfast?

DS: What did Jie Jie eat for breakfast?

Just before we leave the house together, every time:

DS: What shoes is Jie Jie going to wear?  (Pick one: Crocs, flip flops, sneakers.  Must always be the Same As, which may or may not involve taking off or putting on socks, even when we are running late).

DD has been reading the Harry Potter series.  DS also "reads" Harry Potter books.  He literally flips through every single page in those 500+ page books, during different sittings, using a bookmark to keep track, exactly the Same As Jie Jie does:

DD: I love Harry Potter books.  I'm on book six.

DS: I love Harry Potter books.  I'm on book five.

At a restaurant today, we took out their juice boxes.  I always pull up the triangle pieces on either side of the box (we call them 'ears') so the kids can hold the juice boxes by their 'ears' to avoid squeezing out juice.  I automatically did this for DS.  But DD didn't want her juice box ears pulled up, which was okay with me, since she has better control to keep from squeezing out her juice:

DS (panics): Jie Jie's not pulling up her ears.  Push mine back, NOW!

Me (through gritting teeth) to DD: JUST PULL THEM UP before he screams and gets us kicked outta here!

I must admit that DD comes out on the short end of this stick.  We usually cave in to DS' demands of having to be the Same As Jie Jie, just because it's easier to do that than to provide logic to an illogical preschooler.  DD oftentimes must bend over backwards to cater to her little brother:

DD: Why does he always have to do the same things as I do?

DS (sounding the Same As Jie Jie): Why does he always have to do the same things as I do?

The explanation to DD that her little brother thinks she is so cool that he wants to be exactly the Same As her only works some of the time:

DD: I want to be Nurse Joy.

DS: I want to be Nurse Joy.  There are lots of Nurse Joys.

DD: Then I want to be Officer Jenny.

DS: Then I want to be Officer Jenny.  There are lots of Officer Jennies.  (Well, in the world of Pokemon, he's right.  DD is thrilled.  Her eyes cannot roll farther back into her head.)

They say that kids go through these phases and move on eventually.  I choose to see it as DS' sign of love and admiration for his big sister, although sometimes I just want to shake him and say, "YOU can have your OWN opinions, TOO!"  I guess the upside to this is that to get DS to do something, we just have to say that Jie Jie does it, too.  But in the meantime, DH and I are both about to go nuts over you, Same As.  I can be only thankful that DS has not pushed too hard (even though he has asked many times) to grow out his hair as long as Jie Jie's and paint his toenails hot pink like Jie Jie's.  But I'm sure that's a whole other story in about, what, ten years?



  1. We had a similar thing when DD started kindy and decided to be a tomboy and started wearing her brother's shorts and shirts, and pretty much behave like a tough boy. Luckily it only lasted 3 weeks until she felt comfortable in her new environment. I have to say that my DD is too strong headed to follow her brother, who would be so annoyed by it, BTW.

    This too will pass! I would see it as a case of brotherly love.

  2. Yes, it's definitely sibling love, for sure. He just wants to be everything like his big sister. It's just a matter of how much the rest of us can tolerate this (DD especially), when it sometimes involves a lot of compromise on our part. I'm sure we'll miss it when it does pass, though!