Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dear Savings

Dear Savings,

We love you.  Who doesn't love a bargain buy, an awesome deal, or a huge discount?  And I'm not talking about the I-have-a-coupon-for-something-I-want savings, but the I-have-a-coupon-for-necessities-around-the-home savings.  That's why I love Costco.  But I love it so much that I hate it, too.

I have had this love-hate relationship with Costco ever since I became a member about a decade ago.  I love the savings, but I hate that I cannot walk out of the store without a 3 digit receipt.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I love the warehouse discount prices, but I hate that buying in bulk means I end up throwing away food-gone-bad because we couldn't finish it in time, thus making my savings no savings at all.  I love that Costco has huge parking spots, so nice and wide that I never have to walk sideways to get into the car.  But I hate that I have to walk across that humongous parking lot to get the store and back to the car.  I love to go shopping at Costco with my family (so that my Dear Husband can help with loading the goods), but hate that everyone and his or her cousins also go shopping at Costco on weekends.  So to have a quiet shopping trip, I love to go on weekdays to avoid the crowd, but I hate having to load and unload $200 worth of stuff into the car and into the house by myself.  I love getting the cash rebate check at the end of the year (for an almost-free next shopping run), only to do a quick calculation to realize that I hate having spent so much money at one place, in one year. 

Okay, enough ranting.

For my Dear Daughter's second birthday (over 6 years ago), I bought a large bag of red Dixie disposable cups, 16 oz, 240 count, for about $12.99 from Costco.  They are great cups -- sturdy, large, bright red, and very versatile.  We used them for parties, crafts, science projects, planting seeds, etc.  We even kept a stash in the car in case my Dear Son had a pee pee emergency during his potty training days (boys are easier like that).  Since that first party, and every other party afterwards, we dug into that bag of plastic cups. It seemed like a bottomless well.  Every year we checked to see if there will be enough for a kid's birthday party, and every year, we did.  This past summer, when we were getting ready to go on a picnic at an outdoor concert, I finally realized that we have come to the last dozen of these cups.  I suddenly felt a bit sad, since these last dozen have been with us for a long time.  But that sadness was quickly overtaken by the fact that because we have had these cups for SIX years, it undoubtedly validates the SAVINGS I reaped from shopping at Costco!

Shall I continue this mathematics calculation?  When we do finish the last dozen sometime this year, we'll buy another bag of red Dixie cups.  And by the time we finish that bag, my DD will be, what? a TEENAGER?!  Okay, let's not continue.  That is just way too scary a place to go.  But I digress.

So I thought it was quite interesting that everyday I attempt to be cost-effective and save money on little things here and there in this dire economy.  But in the end, it is something I bought SIX YEARS ago that made me feel like I actually saved some money.  Where is the logic in that?  But Dear Savings, I will take you in any way, shape, or form.  And I do wonder how long our next bag of red Dixie cups from Costco will last us.  But I know that I won't have to worry about buying more until DD is at least a teenager.  At which time I will wonder how a couple of bags of red Dixie cups turned my two-year-old DD into a TEENAGER. 



  1. and then these red plastic dixie cups will have a whole new meaning as these teenagers head off to high school/college... i remember fondly the days of beer kegs and red plastic dixie cups ;-)

  2. Oh dear, let's not go there, either. But now that you've mentioned it, I need to start brainwashing these kids soon. ;-)