Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Day at the Zoo

Dear Day at the Zoo,

We've gone to the zoo before,
I think last spring was when.
But it is still so much fun
To go time and time again.

Today was unseasonably warm,
So some animals stayed inside,
But we were able to see four giraffes
Take their slow, grand strides.

Zebra stripes reminded me
Of the lines on a fingerprint.
A large green snake scared me,
But upside-down bats didn't.

I knew that chimps like to swing
And that lions like to roar.
But there were a few things I learned today,
That I didn't know before:

Camels chew incessantly,
Sloths sleep belly-up,
Echidnas waddle slowly.
Gorillas meditate sitting up.

Throughout the relaxing zoo walk,
We collected colorful leaves.
We learned about monocots and dicots,
And we'll press them for keeps.

We also had to stop by
One of our favorite spots.
A large playground for kids,
For all our climbs, slides, and squats.

We pretended to be vets,
And sat in the zoo director's chair.
We explored a musical garden,
And enjoyed the open air.   

We walked on fallen leaves
That crunched beneath our feet,
As more red, orange, and yellow ones
Promise to drop onto the street.

Alas it was time to go,
As the sun sank down in the sky.
We said goodbye to the zoo,
And watched the geese fly by.

Me (through the eyes of an eight-year-old)


  1. Very cute! The days at the zoo are so special! Maybe I should drag my teenagers there again.

  2. Take your teenagers and make them write a poem about a day at the zoo, LOL!