Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Halloween

Dear Halloween,

Do we have a lot to say about you each and every year!  You are always filled with lots of ghoulish surprises, sweet treats, school parties, fun costumes, and great memories.  Here are some of our Halloween conversations current and from years past.

On being one of the most exciting days of the year:

DD (joyfully):  Yay, it's Halloween!  I get to wear my costume to school!

DS (Same As): Yay, it's Halloween!  I get to go trick-or-treating and get lots of CANDY!

DH (does not want to miss out on the fun):  Yay, it's Halloween!  Oh, no!  It's on a work day this year.  I'll have to see if I can work from home that day.

Me (it's always about the temperature for moms):  Yay, it's Halloween!  How ON EARTH am I going to keep the kids warm enough in their costumes so they don't freeze their little buns off?

On picking costumes:

DD (decidedly):  I want to be Hermione.  I have my Hermione wand, so I just need a cape. (Wear layers under cape.  Great costume choice!)

DS (agitated):  I have my Voldemort wand.  I want to be Voldemort.  (Voldemort costumes turned out to be too scary-looking).  No, I want to be a Bakugan.  No, I want to be Dan the Bakugan Brawler.  No, I want to have big muscles.  This costume has big muscles.  I want this.  ('This' turns out to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  My son will be a turtle for Halloween because it has big muscles. @#$%!)  I want to be this turtle.  (...and layers under a turtle costume make a stuffed turtle.  Awesome.)

DH (smiles agreeably):  You can be whatever you want to be.  Just tell Mommy.

Me (still in shock):  My son is going to be a stuffed TURTLE for Halloween. 

On carving pumpkins:

DS (light bulb in head goes off):  Are we carving pumpkins for Halloween this year?

DD (joins in on the fun):  Oh, what are we carving?  A cat?  A scary face?  A ghost?

DH (smiles agreeably):  We can carve whatever you want.  Just tell Mommy.

Me (not surprised):  'Are WE'?  If 'we' means you guys sitting around watching ME carve pumpkins, I guess we ARE, then.

On buying candy for trick-or-treaters while shopping at Costco:

DD (reminding us as the good daughter that she is):  Do we need to buy candies for Halloween?

DS (repeating the question to take some credit):  Do we need to buy candies for Halloween?

DH (asking me because the kids just asked):  Do we need to buy candies for Halloween?  

Me (finding this threesome broken record very amusing):  Do I REALLY have to answer that question?

On trick-or-treating door-to-door:

DD (very excited):  Wow, I just got a HUGE Three Musketeers candy bar!  That's my FAVORITE!

DS (very eager):  Can I eat this NOW?  Can I?  Can I?  Can I? 

DH (very inquisitive):  Did that house give out good candy?

Me (VERY UPSET):  I CANNOT BELIEVE they gave out bags of PEANUTS!  Don't TOUCH THAT!  You're allergic to PEANUTS!  People actually HAND OUT peanuts to children on Halloween?  This is not even peanut CANDY.  It's PEANUTS!  Don't people know ANYTHING about peanut allergies and that kids DIE from eating peanuts these days?  HUMPH!

On kids' school Halloween activities: 

DD (elated):  We are having a Halloween costume parade for the whole school AND a Halloween party in class!

DS (Same As):  We are having a Halloween costume parade AND a Pumpkin Fest at school!

DH (chimes in):  Wow!  How fun!

Me (I chime, too!):  Yep, fun!  I just put about FIVE THOUSAND Halloween tatoos on the arms of 3- and 4-year-olds at Pumpkin Fest.  FUN!

On eager kids after trick-or-treating:

DD (excited):  How many pieces of candy can I have?

DS (doubly excited with his super big sweet tooth):  How many pieces of candy can I have?

DH (eyes me):  Go ask your mommy.

Me (right back at ya!):  Go ask your daddy.

Happy Halloween!



  1. I second the peanut give away anger! For children with allergies, they may as well give away a loaded gun. On the happier side, Halloween is more exciting this year, probably because Joey is 4 and gets it. We were listening to halloween music today and had to YouTube the thriller video. I think i'll teach that to the kids. Now that's fun. And apple picking on Saturday at Royal Oak Farm of coarse. I will have to learn how to make an apple pie. Now that's scary.

  2. Helen, Yes, I cannot believe how many of my friends have kids with peanut allergies! On a funnier note, the look on your face was priceless when I asked you about the Thriller video... Happy Halloween, and have fun trick-or-treating!

  3. Gotta love Halloween. And that pumpkin carving thing? Ugh, that's why this may be our last year carving pumpkins.

    The peanut thing is hard with Halloween. Snickers is in tons of the assortment bags and has lots of nuts, and most candies are made in facilities that also process nuts at the very least. Where do you draw the line and say we're just trick or treating for fun v what candy you can eat? Little Miss gets to keep one bag of pretzels this year (yay for my own stash to "trade" her) and Mister Man gets to keep just the Reese's PB Cups because of their restrictions. Fortunately the rest all goes to troops overseas, so it's all good in the end - for us anyway, and thankfully they aren't life threatening allergies.

    PS Mister Man got to have ONE piece of candy. Little Miss got none before bed :)

  4. Michelle, Thankfully, DS is very good about asking before he eats anything, so we always filter out all the stuff with peanuts. My kids get their fair share of candy, though, as they (and I) LOVE candy, and they are allowed to eat them IN MODERATION, after meals, etc. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Sandra, I had to carve a pumpkin by myself, my kids didn't want to. They are too "old" now. My son got...get this...11 pounds of candy, can you believe it?

    I am glad it is over in a way....

  6. WOW, 11 pounds? How long will that take for him to consume? =) Yes, I enjoyed carving my pumpkins. Like I said, I started late in life, so I still think it's fun! Your kiddos will carve, again, when they have their own kiddos to carve for! =)