Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear Wedding Gifts

Dear Wedding Gifts,

Seeing that I have been married for 15 years now, I am amazed that many of you are still with me!

The wedding gift registry was something of a foreign concept to my native culture.  Where I'm from, people were more inclined to give cash in a red envelope (or whatever is on sale at the local department store) as wedding presents.  For them, it was a common belief that using a registry meant you were asking for gifts.  But the American practice of using a wedding registry seemed to make so much more sense. Why not receive gifts that one actually likes and needs, instead of a hodgepodge of miscellaneous items that don't match or are useless?  Especially since people were going to gift anyway, as weddings are celebratory events.  At the time of my wedding, my front foot was stepping into the American culture, while my hind foot was still deciding whether or not to move forward.  But I chose to have a wedding registry.

When I see people register for gifts nowadays, I always feel a bit of envy.  There is such a thing called a scanner.  Click.  Beep.  Done.  There was no such thing when I was getting married.  I had to manually fill out the form via pen and paper.  I think these scanner guns were just on the verge of appearing at the time, but I was not fortunate enough to have used it.  Shortly thereafter, my friends who were getting married were zapping away at department stores.  Seeing about-to-wed couples with those scanner guns now invariably makes me feel a bit, um, old. 

Some of our wedding presents did not last long.  Like the luggage that DH and I took on our honeymoon.  Let's just say it didn't come back in one piece.  We've replaced the original sets of towels and sheets through normal wear and tear, as well as having upgraded bed size.  I've also downgraded in our dinnerware department.  Our original Pfaltzgraff plates have been replaced with Corelle plates.  Corelle plates are awesome; they are inexpensive, lightweight, scratch-proof, stain-resistant, break-resistant, microwaveable, dishwashable, and a serious must if there are kids around.  We are also on our second set of flatware, since we've lost too many pieces of the original set to ever have company over. 

On the other hand, looking around my kitchen, I see several things that have been with us for for 15 years, through 6 moves, 4 apartments, and 2 houses (wow.)  First up, my Krups coffeemaker.  In WHITE.  It is practically an antique.  But it works!  It even has that gold filter that lasted all this time.  There were a few years where I used a Tassimo instead, but this Krups still found its way back to my kitchen counter.  Next up, my Rival crock pot.  Again, in WHITE.  There are cracks in the ceramic insert, but again, it works!  And it still makes the most delicious pot of stew for the cold months of the year.  Lastly, there's my Osterizer blender.  You guessed it: in WHITE.  It's still powerful and makes a mean smoothie every now and then.  Believe me.  Really.  White was ONCE in.  Now I really do feel old. 

I have thought of replacing some of these small kitchen appliances to have the modern, updated look.  Once considered quite handsome, the whites appliance exteriors were replaced by black, which were then replaced by stainless steel.  My kitchen appliances are stainless steel, so these outdated white pieces do look quite odd in it.  But I have a hard time replacing things that work perfectly fine.  And they have been around for so long that I've kind of grown attached to them. That, or perhaps my hind foot was so deep-rooted in its stereotypical culture of thriftiness that I just cannot bear to make waste.  Besides, my Krups just made me a delicious cup of morning coffee.

Since our wedding, we have acquired several more small appliances through the years: my beloved Kitchenaid stand mixer, a reliable Cuisinart toaster, a powerful Cuisinart food processor, and my spanking new Breville panini press to name a few -- none of which are white, might I add.  Some of these are very old as well, but not as ancient as my coffee maker, crock pot, and blender.  So we shall see which of these three original wedding gifts will outlast the others.  I do believe that there are still few years left in you all yet!



  1. well said, and I am really glad that those little appliances served you well all these years. I am too shallow compare to you, i love new and cute appliances and always thinking of how to get rid of those old ones. =) need to learn from you. But a Breville panini maker sounds awesome, I got one from Target for $19 but works super! hee hee

  2. Oh my goodness Dear Muse! Can I just say that having worked at the bridal registry department of a now defunct bed and bath store I helped usher in those lovely scan guns people now take for granted? After nine years of marriage (come November 2) I can pretty much make a similar assessment of things that have lasted and those that have since left our capable hands. I LOVE this particular post! =)
    Novice Teacher

  3. Cocoa Chai, Isn't it neat that our small kitchen appliances all have their own purposes and become our prized kitchen possessions? They almost seem to have their own personalities, too!

    Novice Teacher, Thanks! At first I wondered if this was a good enough post since it just seemed so mundane a topic, but it did seem to speak to some of my friends, so I realize that people CAN relate to this! I'm so glad you liked it! BTW, I worked a book fair yesterday and got to zap a dozen or so books, so I got my fill of a scanner gun for a day! Yay!

  4. I didn't get any appliances as wedding gift, that is odd. I got a bread making machine as a surprise gift and I promptly returned it, I am glad I did, it took too much space in our little apartment.

    I have a great resource for unwanted things, a church salvation store, they take anything and with this economy people really buy there.

    I never thought of white being a thing of the past, pretty funny isn't it?

  5. Laura, did you have a wedding registry? Lots of couples register for small kitchen appliances. It's nice that you don't think white is outdated. You would be the only person that doesn't think my kitchen is mismatched!

  6. I loved the post and though I probably associate more with your front foot, I have a great affinity for your hind one as well. May it always keep at least a pinky toe back.

  7. Nari, Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. I enjoyed your blog as well, and look forward to reading more of your new as well as past posts. Cheers!