Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dear Family

Dear Family,

Spending time with you is the essence of the holiday season.  This Thanksgiving, as always, we gather with family and friends to celebrate the joy of togetherness.

Family is a sanctuary, a place of warmth, a home.  It is where warm chocolate chip cookies are baked, and where the best chicken soup is simmered.  It smolders the most inviting fire in the hearth, resonates your favorite voices in the air, and provides the most comfortable beds and linens for rest.  Family is a place of relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal.

Family is the faces of your best friends, who can laugh and cry with you on a whim.  They are most generous in times of need, and happiest for you in times of celebration.  They are the first people to whom you want to show your kids' school pictures, recital videos, and trophies of excellence.  Family is people who can finish your sentences with astounding accuracy.

Family is an anchor, a tether, a hand.  It holds onto you, nearby or far, before and after your stay, regardless of your traveling speed.  Its flexible grasp assures that you will never be lost, because you can always find your way back via that invisible but ever-present bond.  Family is a foundation built on familiarity, security, and a shared belief of faith and love.

I am grateful, and much blessed, to have you in my life.



  1. Awwww. Famlia...some are loud, some are funny, some are cooky, some are sweet but they all love food! So we eat together and remind each other we are all here to stay :) Yes i have a big family.

  2. Haha, family and food *do* go hand in hand! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast! =)

  3. That is quite simply beautiful. I love a post on family that isn't filled with snark and complaining. Yay you.

  4. Thanks, Michelle. If you only knew. My original post (on being thankful for love) turned out to be way too cheesy, so I scratched it and posted this one on Family for Thanksgiving. I'm sure the complaining one appear for another occasion!