Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Greeting Cards

Dear Greeting Cards,

I look forward to your arrival in my mailbox in the next few weeks!  Now that the holiday season has officially started, our home will slowly turn itself into a jolly and festive one.  But before we haul home a tree and put out the stockings, one of the best reflections of our holiday season is already in place.

I love receiving holiday cards.  I guess that is why I am so diligent about sending ours.  I love reading updates of our faraway friends, and seeing the pictures of our family and friends and their children's gorgeous smiles.  And of course, I want to see these cards and photos throughout the holiday season and beyond. 

We tried many different places to display holiday cards.  The console table didn't work since the cards kept falling over anytime anyone walked by.  The mantle didn't work because it got overcrowded and we couldn't see all the cards at once.  Finally, last year, I decided to go back to our old way of showcasing holiday cards from our townhouse a few years back.

The idea is to use a string or ribbon onto which cards are clipped.  The ribbon can be simple or fancy, in your choice of color and width.  Just hammer a small nail in the wall at the point where you want the ribbon to start, tie a bow at the beginning of the ribbon, and hang it on the nail.  For clips, I like wooden clothe pins, as they give a sort of rustic and homemade feel.  We didn't have enough of those at the time, so DH took out his boxful of black binder clips, which worked just as well, and gives it a more modern and stylish look.  We clip the holiday cards on the ribbon on alternating sides so that they look balanced without the boredom of uniformity.

We have a structure that divides our kitchen/dining area and living/family room.  It has three sides that extends from floor to ceiling (the fourth side comes up waist high for a counter where we place photo frames and our iPod player).  I thought this was a perfect place for displaying our cards since we are not taking up large spaces of blank walls where the display might clash with other decor, and it is a central spot in our house on the first floor.  We made three ribbons to hang our holiday cards so that they can be viewed from many angles.

(One tiny word of caution is that if you have crawling babies, curious toddlers, nosy cats, or hungry dogs, you may not want the ribbon to go down to floor length!)

The great thing about this holiday card display is that we have kept it throughout the year, since after the holidays, the cards slowly get replaced by Valentine's day cards, birthday cards, thank-you cards, etc.  It has become a place where we highlight other holidays and milestones of the year.  The kids especially love to look at their birthday cards, which remind them that they are a year older and wiser.

It is a place in our home that makes me feel loved and cherished.  In this day of electronic messages via emails and texts, cards are much harder to come by.  And since each card is handwritten and signed by a loved one, we want to treasure every single card we receive. 

I suppose it is time for me to put together our holiday card to send out, amongst other things, right about now.  But, in the meantime, as you come to us this holiday season, Greeting Cards, you will have a happy home, clipped onto our red gift-wrapping ribbon, so that we can see the beautiful pictures you show us for weeks.  I very much look forward to seeing how much the children we love have grown, and the wonderful new things the people we love have accomplished this year.



  1. I agree with the nostalgic sentiments of holiday cards and realize I have been slacking! This has inspired me to revive the tradition, even of I only send one out to you! I want to be on your wall! ;)

  2. Nam, I do look forward to your card! Maybe one with your big boy's new do? He will definitely be on my wall! =)

  3. I love that idea. We do something very similar where we use the blue tack that teachers has for posters and such and hang them on the molding that divides our foyer from the homework room so you can see them all and enjoy them. I love holiday cards but OH do I need to get some photos organized. Now. :)

  4. Michelle, Even though we've only met once IRL, I feel as though I've made a real blogger friend in you! You'll have to put a blue tack on the back of our card to you this holiday season, once I get going on making that holiday card! =)

  5. Now, that is a fabulous idea!!!

  6. Thanks, Helen! Yep, no tape or tack to deal with, and only one hole (for the one nail) goes into the wall up high where you can't see it anyway!

  7. Thanks for the suggestion of card hanging! It's so simple and cute! Why didn't I think of that!? ;)

    1. Thanks for reading, Cassie! This can display a lot of cards and it only makes one tiny hole in the wall up high where people can't see it!