Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear New

Dear New,

The start of a cycle,
A new moon, a new year.
A point on a circle,
The promise of a premier.

An unfamiliar stage in life,
A newborn, a newlywed.
Full of potential or strife,
And newfound wisdom ahead.

A collection renders sightings
And events on screens or paper,
Of recent and latest happenings
Or newsworthy blabber.

The emergence of a leaf,
Still shiny and pale;
An unread book's motif
Still waiting to prevail.

The hope of a fresh start,
A journey untainted.
With the old we now part,
And a new to be acquainted.

Happy New Year!



  1. Here's to new. New everything AND everything working the way it should. I love all the new things you point out. Here's to an awesome year for both of us.

  2. Sandra, I wish I would write poetry. My kids were fortunate enough to have the best teacher some to their school and they wrote pretty amazing pieces, I think my son has a gift but he doesn't realizes it.

    To a new beginning.

    PS I almost missed your post because you posted it late and I have a huge list of blogs I read. Do you know that you can time it so it gets published at 12AM? This way anyone can see it. It is pretty straightforward but if you need instructions let me know.

  3. Cheers to you, Michelle, as I raise my glass of... er, orange juice. Will that do? Awesome year sounds great!

    Laura, I wrote poetry way more from high school through graduate school. Some of which I was really proud of. I haven't done much more than some on this blog. But I may post some of those older ones here later. As for the posting time, no, I didn't know that. Is posting at midnight so that ppl on blogger can see it? I usually post mid-morning, and link onto Facebook and Twitter right away. I thought I'd try a different time, just for fun. Please message me the instructions on Facebook, along with any other tips you have. I'm still learning about this blogging bit =) Thanks. And Cheers to you, too, to a New Beginning!

  4. Check facebook, just sent you a message ;o)

  5. Roses are reddish
    and Sandra is great
    because she writes beautiful poems
    with so much on her plate!!

    thanks Sandra :)

  6. Helen, You crack me up! But thank you! You are really the one with so much on your plate! Hope to see you soon!

  7. Helen, so funny! And Sandra, so inspiring.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Thanks, Elaine. Here's a great 2012 to us with our gloves, trays, and knives... I mean, Healthy Snack at school. ;)