Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Vacation

Dear Vacation,

You elicit such conflicting feelings from me.  We just went to Orlando the week between Christmas and New Year Day.  And here are my Top Ten reasons for having a love-hate relationship with you:

10. 'The Happiest Place on Earth' turned into 'The Most Crowded Place on Earth' as it is apparently known as THE WORST WEEK OF THE YEAR to go there.  So unless it's free, never again will we go during this time.  #lessonlearned

9. Vacation is supposed to be a relaxing time away from home.  But all the effort in planning, preparation, and packing seems to overshadow any possibility of relaxation.  #tiredevenbeforeleaving

8. After leaving the house to go on vacation, I spend the ride to the airport battling panic attacks in case I remember something I forgot to do.  #didipackmyxanax

7. While on vacation, the idea is to extend bedtime hours and sleep in, but the kids are up earlier than when school's in session.  #pleasegobacktobed

6. And since we went to The Happiest Place on Earth, instead of relaxing, after 5 days of amusement parks, I feel like I trained for a marathon.  #motrinforbreakfast

5. Time spent away from home is supposed to be enrichment for the mind and soul, but when night falls, all I really want is my own bed and my own pillow.  And my down comforter, and my slippers, and my robe...  #youseewhereimgoing

4. The best part of vacations for me is not having to cook (which involves shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning).  But after a few days of restaurant and fast food, I long for nothing more than inexpensive, healthy, and homemade food.  #ihatemyfickledself

3. You had better get all your relaxing done during the vacation, because you will come home to an enormous amount of dirty laundry, dust and dirt from goodness-knows-where, and an empty fridge.  #backtoreality

2. You spend an exorbitant amount of money and fly thousands of miles to take the kids to Universal Studios Island of Adventure, where they get to meet Superheros and drink butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but your vacation photos reveal that the places where they showed their purest, most genuine smiles are... in kids' playgrounds.  #kidswillbekids

And the number one reason why I have a love-hate relationship with vacations is:

1. You always need a vacation from your vacation (that you won't get).  #truedat

But now that I'm home, I've already started to wonder about the whens and wheres of your next appearance.  After all, one simple pro beats all the cons: vacations create memories, ones that will remind each of us the reasons why we were smiling in all of those pictures far away from home. 



  1. That is so funny and true of coarse. Going on vacation during spring break is difficult because of the crowds and it ends sooo fast that you feel like a tornado that you are suppose to enjoy just went through your life!

    Time shares and renting houses are more relaxing and staying for at least 10 days. I've only done that twice in my life. It gets relaxing after 5-6 days and then you get like 4-5 days of real vacation.

    We should all rent a house sometime, it will be fun :)
    You don't' have to do outings as a group but it's actually nice to cook simple meals at the house and be around other people... a little wine and boom RELAX.

  2. I'll take the wine and the boom any day! Renting a cabin sounds so nice. I'd love to do that in the summer, as long as the skeeters stay away =)

  3. I'm with you and OHHHH we did Disney last Christmas and will never do it again. Even if it is free. We stay offsite because I can't eat in restaurants like that daily. And sadly, Mister Man loved the butter beer but was otherwise generally disappointed with Harry Potter's world - as we ALL were with Universal. You?

  4. Michelle, My favorite meal was in this mom & pop run Japanese restaurant off site; 4 nigiris and 12 tuna rolls for $8.45! Super fresh and very generous portions. Wish I ate there the entire week.

    With so many people there, I couldn't even judge Universal well. DS was happy with those few pictures with some superheroes, but disappointed that the Spiderman ride wait was perpetually 120 minutes. DD was probably a bit underwhelmed by HP world, although souvenirs made up for that. DS and I didn't go since DD and DH got up at the crack of dawn to line up to get in. CRAZY.

    I think I'm finally recovered from that trip, after 2 weeks!