Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dear Write

Dear Write,

To grasp a pen,
Ink on paper,
Print or scribble,
Strings words together.

Fingers on keys
Clicking away.
QWERTY letters
On the screen displays.

Agile thumbs
On smartphones tap,
While auto-correct
Fills in the gap.

A worn expression
On one's telling face.
Joy, shock, or sorrow,
Or, simply, grace.

A process in solitude,
To cross sacred boundary.
To learn about oneself,
A journey of discovery.



  1. Beautiful. I love all the imagery for each type of writing you explore. I love to write, and I need to encourage it in the wee ones more.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! Sometimes I try a poem when I have a lot less to say =). Maybe we need to have the kiddos guest post sometimes =)