Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Best Toys

Dear Best Toys,

Children love toys, whether young or old,
Since toys of any kind, to them is gold.
They long to visit the Big Toy Store,
With aisles and aisles of novelties galore. 
There's toys for babies, toys for teens,
For boys and girls all ages in between.
Action figures of brave Superheroes,
Stacked next to boxes of City Legos.
Playskool, Leapfrog, Fisher Price fun,
Check out Sodor trains one by one.
Fashion Barbies glittering with color,
My Little Petshop playhouse wonder.
Sometimes faced with all these choices,
Children get inundated with too many voices:
"Pick me, choose me, take me home!"
Thus begins the Indecisive Syndrome.

We leave empty-handed, but that's okay;
Mama has a grand plan for the rest of the day.
In the kitchen she enthusiastically pulls out
All her plastic containers and spreads them about.
Out of her drawers she gets wooden spoons
And rolling pins, and then begins a silly tune:
"You can pat-a-cake, my Lady and Man,
Or make me a feast as best as you can.
Take my order, beginning with a drink,
I want something thick, bubbly, and pink.
For appetizer, I'd like Monster Toes,
Followed by the fabulous entree I chose:
Squiggly noodles stewed with fish balls,
And make it quick, before the night falls.
For dessert, I'd like Ooey-Gooey Volcano Pie,
'Cause it's my favorite, so don't ask me why.
Oh, and don't forget the very best ingredient:
Your Love Sprinkles, so they'll taste brilliant!"

My Lady and Man begin their work,
On the kitchen floor they show their quirk.
One takes care of the dine-in orders,
While the other, take-outs and tenders. 
They stir and mix and pour and mash,
And make change with pretend coins for cash.
Man cooks stew and adds pepper and salt,
While Lady blends me a creamy strawberry malt.
As they play with awesome free toys,
Mama sits back and thoroughly enjoys.
She watches the kids play with Imagination,
And marvels at the awesome cooking action.
Because all the items on Toy Store's shelves,
Cannot make her children happier selves,
Than on Mama's wooden kitchen floor,
With all her cooking utensils that they utterly adore. 



  1. This is great! I especially love the middle paragraph describing all the foods, nonsensical mostly, that kids might offer at their imaginary restaurant. It's exactly the kind of stuff I get at my own kids' diner.

    Fun poem. Well done!

  2. Nicole, Awww... Thanks for stopping by! We actually made Monster Toes one Halloween (cocktail wieners wrapped in tortilla strips), and once I thought of that, the rest of the stanza just went along with the crazy food theme. BTW, your new four-liner in response to a comment had me ROTF. I LOVE your writing/humor. I can only dream of being that funny, so I really enjoy reading your posts.