Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear Wishful Thinking

Dear Wishful Thinking,

Aren't we all entitled to a little of you every now and then?

Every time the kiddos say, "That's NOT fair," I think to myself, no, life's not fair; you kids get all the good stuff.  Kids have magical people bring things to them all year round.  Santa Claus breaks into the house while everyone is sleeping and leaves toys for all the children.  The Easter Bunny breaks into the house and leaves eggs filled with treats and candy for all the children.  Even the Tooth Fairy 'magically' commits breaking and entering to leave money for shed teeth.  Now wouldn't we grownups like some fairies to do things for us, too?  Here is my Top Ten list of 'Fairies Wanted'.

10. Of course, first and foremost, I would like a Cleaning Fairy.  How nice would it be to wake up in the morning to a clean house because a Cleaning Fairy came for a biweekly visit?  #iwilleventakeonceamonth

9. While we're at it, a De-cluttering Fairy would be nice, too, since we all know that the house can't be cleaned unless it is first de-cluttered.  #iseeapartnership

8. I don't mind doing the laundry, since it's really the washer and dryer doing all the work.  But I would like a Laundry Folding Fairy.  You see, we pretty much live out of the 'clean laundry basket'.  When the kids tell me there are no more clothes in the basket, you should see their bewildered faces when I tell them their clean clothes are in their drawers. #onceinabluemoon

7. I would LOVE a Tank Fairy that visits once a month to clean Tucker the Turtle's tank.  That would be an hour of my time I get to keep to myself each month, and I would never have to feel guilty for being a week (or two) late.  #findahappyplacefindahappyplace

6. DH has a motto: We don't lose things; we just can't find them.  Well, I would LOVE a Find Fairy for all the things we misplace.  There is nothing more frustrating than losing something, even if it's small or trivial.  #whereisthetupperwarelid

5. Even more frustrating than misplacing something, I forget things.  How much time is wasted when trips to the store don't count because I forgot an item?  I need a Reminder Fairy to bullet point my brain at night.  #damnthoseseniormoments

4. Too many times do I reach into the aromatic kitchen garbage can to retrieve something that can be recycled.  A Recycling Fairy would be greatly appreciated so that I can sleep better at night.  #recyclinglessonneeded

3. Speaking of which: only about once a week do I wake up refreshed and full of energy to tackle the day.  The other six mornings, uh, not so much.  How I would love an Energy Fairy to tap me with her magic wand or sprinkle me with 'Functional Dust' at night so that I can wake up and feel like I had 8 full hours of sleep!  #coffeeisnolongerenough

2. To eliminate food-gone-bad in the pantry and refrigerator, I think a Food Inventory Fairy who shoves all the 'expiring soon' items to the front of the pantry and fridge where I can SEE them would be marvelous.  #thatsbeentherehowlong

1. And I know every mommy needs one of these: a Get Well Fairy. Everyone gets sick.  Little ones catch germs from school and bring them home to share.  Well, getting sick builds up immunity, they say.  Okay, let's build up that immunity for one day.  Then the Get Well Fairy breaks into the house at night and taps her magic wand on the sickly, sprinkles some Stay Well Dust on everyone, and disappears into the night.  Now wouldn't that be something?  #winwin

While I risk seeming too lazy or out of touch with reality, I do know that all of these Fairies are really Wishful Thinking Fairies.  But since we encourage an active imagination in young children, we can use some imagination ourselves, too.  So Wishful Thinking, a dose of you every now and then helps us get through our days in the real world.  Frankly, I wouldn't want anyone to break into our house in the wee hours of the night, unless of course, you really are Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy.



  1. All very nice, and appropriate for me too.

    May I add a chicken coop cleaning fairy and a garden cleaning fairy who will chop up all the twigs and add them to the compost pile?

  2. Oh, yes, Laura. I forgot the outdoors, since it's still winter here and there is a snow storm going on outside. When spring comes, I'll be wishing for the Garden Fairy as well!