Friday, May 4, 2012

Dear Headphones

Dear Headphones,

You are undeniably one of the best purchases that has been made and entered this home in years!

Even as hesitant as I was to use music players, those little music-playing devices have invariably invaded our household.  Dear Husband has an iPod; Dear Daughter owns a Shuffle; Dear Son possesses an iTouch; I sort of keep a Nano.

Dear Husband has a large music collection. We probably have something in every musical genre, including a large collection of classical music (a subject DH 'unofficially' minored in back in college).  He often gets into a mood where he'd blast a favorite artist or album for everyone to hear.  A few of his favorites are something by The Boss or Beethoven or one of the Lost (TV series) soundtracks.

As a part of learning to play the violin, Dear Daughter is required to listen to her Suzuki violin pieces often.  To facilitate that process, DH put those pieces on my Nano so that DD can easily listen to them while she reads or plays.  When she's not listening to classical music, however, you can bet she is listening to one of her tween pop idols (picture Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, or Miranda Cosgrove) on her Shuffle.  

Dear Son, interestingly, began his infatuation with pop music at a young age.  By age two, he clearly preferred fast tempo hip hop music over anything else.  Turn on anything by Black Eyed Peas and he'll be bopping his head and dancing to the beat.  Anything short of dance music he'll consider boring not upbeat enough to listen to.  Thus, he scored several music videos as well as other hip hop songs on his iTouch.   

The kiddos also love the music they hear on Just Dance Wii games.  So much so that Daddy bought them the 'clean' version of the songs from Kidz Bop.  Oftentimes when I'm downstairs, I'd hear shuffling, stomping, and very happy feet above my head.  So They Think They Can Dance. 

But sometimes there's the need for earphones.  There are times when loud music cannot be tolerated.  Like when DD is practicing her violin; when DH is watching an important game; or when I just need a moment of sanity.  However, DS' ears are so small that the earbuds just do not stay in his ears.  So Daddy looked around for over-the-ear headphones.  He found a nice one for DS.  But since we play Equality here in this house quite a bit, Daddy felt compelled to buy DD a pair of equally nice, comfy headphones, too.  This way when the package comes, no one feels left out.

Before he clicked the 'checkout' button, however, he felt kind of left out.  DH went on to search for a nice pair of 'cans' (as the professionals call them) for himself.  But before he bought them, he came and asked me for my opinion.  First he gave me a Headphones 101 course on the different types, fits, technologies, and brands on the market.  But all I actually processed in my brain was his last question: Do you think I should get the 'open back' ones or the 'closed back' ones?  To which I answered: um, the 'closed back' ones.  He smiled and said he thought the same thing.  Whew!  Am I glad I picked the right one since I wasn't going to be able to explain why I picked it!

So a few days later, the headphones came.  Everyone tried on their headphones, and OH MY GOODNESS THE SWEET SOUND OF SILENCE!  I had three happy people under my roof: one bopping his head up and down, one listening to music with a smile on her face, and one admiring the function of the 'closed back' feature.  It got so quiet around here I had to walk over to check on DS every so often to make sure he was still awake and breathing.

Here is one extra gift the headphones have brought us.  DD has since reached the age of being self-conscious, and refrains from dancing or singing in front of people.  DS, on the other hand, is still clueless, which means we are free to hear him sing along with his headphones on.  Picture a five-year-old--who hasn't masters all his sounds yet--singing a fast hip hop song like it's a tongue twister.  And you try to refraining from laughing out loud.  Better yet, ask him a question when he has his headphones on, and he'll answer you like you're the one hard of hearing. 

And if you're wondering if I feel left out by not getting any headphones, the answer is a resounding NO.  Because the PEACE AND QUIET I get from everyone else owning headphones is my best gift of all.  Before these headphones, my kiddos would not shut up stop talking.  EVER.  DD hasn't stopped talking since she turned two.  DS' high pitched shrills that loosen your earwax--so mismatched for his gender--are a daily gift bestowed to us.  But, alas, these headphones have come to my rescue.

So, Dear Headphones, you are no doubt the best remedy I've found for non-stop, continuous, high-pitched, staccato, sometimes-singing, sometimes-shouting, sometimes-wailing, always in-your-face, often doused-with-a-string-of-'whys', rarely stagnant, and never--EVER--non-existent, chatter boxes.  Even if it's just ten minutes of bliss to my ears, I'll take it any day of the week and twice on Sundays.  I adore you, and I hope you adore my three loves' ears just as much.



  1. I don't know how much the headphones cost, but you can't put a price on peace and quiet...glad you got a slice of that with the recent purchase.

    I have to go browse Amazon now...

    1. I don't think these were that much, although DH is drooling over these professional ones that cost an arm and a leg. He can keep dreaming until we win the lottery =) Thanks for stopping by, Janna. If you don't get them for your kids, maybe for yourself? That can always work, too! =)

  2. Dear Headphones sounds wonderful!!!

    1. Silence is really music to my ears! I can multitask like any mommy can, but the one thing that breaks me is Loud Noise. I don't have the quiet variety of children in my house, so when it was quiet for the first time because of these headphones, well, I was as surprised as I was ecstatic!

  3. I love it! I'm so with you on the silence. We don't have the same house of audiophiles that you do, though they are fascinated by music and do sing their own songs and others' frequently. But I think I know what would happen were I to give them headphones. In my family? They'd all just sing louder ;)

    1. Ha! Your comment, Michelle, made me laugh out loud! That hasn't occurred to me, but you know your kids best, and I *can* imagine that happening! Sometimes we just need a few moments of silence. A few moments isn't too much to ask, is it?