Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Tomorrow is Father's Day, so we wrote you poems.


He is a jar of honey.
He is a click-y photographer.
He is a joking clown with a big RED nose.
He is a silly joker.
He is a trip to the moon.
He is a ride on a shooting star.
He is a smart calculator.
He is a descriptive writer.
He is a giant watermelon.
He is a wonderfully decorated Christmas tree.
He is a wreath hanging on a door.
He is a sky full of stars.
He is a run through the Field of Dreams.
He is a giant wave in the ocean.
He is a tiny wish come true!

He is my dad.


Happy Father's Day

Heart is where I love my Daddy.  He likes
Action figures just like me!  He likes to say, 'Perfectly
Perfect' to things I do.  I am his
Prince, and he is my
Yes-Man: instead of 'no', he says, "Go ask Mommy."

Forgetful is Daddy sometimes, but all the time he's
Adventurous.  He likes to watch sports on
TV, and yell at it quite often.  He is always
Helping me build, find, or fix my toys.  He gets
Excited and talks in character at his turn to
Read me picture books.  He's almost as cool as
'Super-heroes who fight villains!

Do-do bird, he likes to call me, and tells me, 'An
Apple a day keeps the doctor away'.  He's like my
Yo-yo because I've got him wrapped around my finger.



I feed kiddos meals; you give them candy.
You put toys away; I keep them 'handy'.

I look for discounts; you buy the whole store,
You take the kids out, I like it indoors.

I cook from scratch; you boil spaghetti,
You like to de-clutter; I find it petty.

I kiss the boo-boos; you play the boardgames,
You break up the fights; I put out the flames.

I do things my way; you do not imitate.
You do it differently, but I still dictate. 

I say, 'Go ask Daddy'; you say, 'Go ask your mom'.
Together as a team, we are 'Da Bomb'.

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Daughter, Dear Son, and Dear Wife

P.S.  DD wrote the first poem.  She wrote a metaphor poem for me for Mother's Day, and wanted to do the same for Daddy on Father's Day.  Those are her exact words and colors she wrote on paper.  DS worked on the second poem.  Since he is learning letters and sounds, I thought an acrostic poem would be good for him to try.  He came up with all the first words of the line with some help from DD and me; I linked the words together to make the poem.   And obviously, I wrote the last poem.  Silly, but every bit true in this family.


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    1. Tina, I linked my other blog at your Weekend Flowers: Thank you for hosting!

  2. These poems are so sweet. I had to laugh at the 'go ask your mommy' line - that totally happens in my house, too. Sometimes we play answer tennis, where each of us tells them to ask the other (neither wants to make a decision, I guess.)

    Hope your family has a nice Father's Day.

    1. We play answer tennis, too, but usually his "go ask your mommy" means "I don't want to get in trouble for saying 'yes'" and my "go ask your daddy" means "yes, but Imma let your daddy take the credit." Cause he's the yes-man. Happy Father's Day to your family, too!

  3. What a great tribute to your husband! I hope he had an amazing Father's Day. From the thought that went into these poems, I'm sure he did.

    1. Thank you, Preppy Girl! We celebrated Father's Day and my niece's birthday that day, so it was a lot of food, fun, and family. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  4. What great poems!! That was really sweet.