Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear #PhotoADayMay

Dear #PhotoADayMay,

You had me at Instagram.

My bloggy friend Kim@Amommaly first blogged about about the photo prompts over at Fat Mum Slim.  Then I informed her on the very first day that Instagram was available on the Android market.  We both got an account and the rest is history. 

#PhotoADay is the photo a day challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim, an Australian blogger.  Anyone who wants to participate just uses the hashtag to mark the prompt-related pictures on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or personal blogs.  Then anyone or friends can see different photographic interpretations of each prompt.  The best part is when friends participate and you can see each other's photos.  Instagram conveniently posts pictures onto Facebook and Twitter, and it is easy to add a little blurb about the pictures. 

The #photoadayMay prompts were:

And my corresponding photos are in the gridded pictures above, going from left to right, top to bottom. 

Here are some of my favorite ones; I'll include my blurbs that you cannot see here.
  • Day 4, fun!: Making Words with our new magnetic letters set.  (We've been making words and leaving messages.)
  • Day 9, something I do everyday: Coffee, my Daily Dose of Happy.  (In fact, coffee can probably be used for more than half of this list.)
  • Day 10, a favorite word: 'Dear'.  (A picture that inspired the new banner for this blog!)
  • Day 11, kitchen: my cookie cutters.  (I got a few comments about me being organized; that's called 'deliberate placement' and not 'spontaneous photography'.)
  • Day 12, something that makes me happy: watching my kids 'go!' on wheels.  (But running behind them and trying to snap a picture was not so easy.) 
  • Day 13, mum: my niece's new sibling is in there!  (Wherein I announce my new status as Auntie again.)  
  • Day 20, something I can't live without: that thing on my lap.  (That was Dear Husband's immediately suggestion when I told him the prompt that day; I hate it when he's right.)
  • Day 21, where I stand: in the SHADE, of course!
  • Day 23, technology: thumb at work (wherein I can turn on the ceiling fan without having to move one inch from my bed with 'that thing on my lap' still in its place; win-win.)
  • Day 30, my personality: "sweet and sour" says The Hubs (that's short for 'Hubster'; I had to explain that to my own DH, who wondered why he was plural.)

The only things I do every single day are: shower, brush my teeth, and feed my kids.  That I followed a chart and did something else every single day was kind of a miracle.  But everyday, I actually looked forward to completing each prompt.  I tried to think of creative ways to photograph the prompt.  Some were more of a challenge than others, and some prompts took about 20 takes to get a satisfactory final product.

I only had a few friends who did #photoadayMay with me.  If you are interested, hop on board and share your pictures for the June photo challenge!  It is a great deal more fun when you can see friends' photos, too!  Kim (@Amommaly on Instagram) takes amazing photos and I adore her photo collection.  Won't you join us?

So, #photoadayMay, it's been quite a ride.  I'm hooked.  I think I'm in for another month for Fat Mum Slim's photo challenge.  There is also another photo prompt challenge at Chookooloonks that I've got my eyes on.  It starts on June 4 with the hashtag #instacamp.   We'll see how that goes.  Alas, goodbye, #photoadayMay, and Hello! #photoadayJune!

Happy Snapping!


P.S.  As these are prompt-related posts, I will place all subsequent photo challenge posts over a at Promptly I Write, which is only fair.  So hop on over if you are not on Instagram and you'd like to see my #photoadayMay photos and blurbs in detail and my #photoadayJune pics next month!  


  1. Oh how fun! I love the memories and ideas you've captured. And the remote control for the fan? And the light? It's my favorite little tool :)

    PS I LOVE the new header. I keep forgetting to tell you that.

    1. Thank you, Michelle! That header picture also took a few tries (writing the word, snapping the picture, AND getting it to fit just right). Now I remember why it took me so long to get this done. I know you are a great photographer -- any interest? Right from your phone!! =)

  2. It looks like you had fun with this one. The sweet and sour personality was funny (though I didn't see the lemon until I checked the picture after reading your description :))

    P.S. I can relate to #20. I'm more attached to my laptop than I should be. We went camping and after two days offline, I jumped at the opporunity to log on!

    1. Hi, Janna! That 'sweet and sour' has been kind of a running joke between DH and me =). So that's where you've been! I noticed you hadn't been around for a few days... I'm glad that I'm not the only one 'attached' to my laptop! BTW, did you happen to see a new item on my right sidebar named BLOGGYFRIENDSROLL?

  3. THat's really cool Sandra. I love taking pics but not organized to do this :)

    1. Thanks, Helen, although I think it's more OCD than being organized to do this. It's been fun, and the kiddos ask me all the time, 'what's the prompt, Mommy?'!