Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear Man Crush

Dear Man Crush,

You are not a new concept in our home.  My Dear Husband has had many of you over the years.  It's just that he's in the middle of a new one so intense that he wants to live, sleep, and Drive his new you.

I came downstairs on a weekend afternoon to find DH watching a movie.  Without looking up at me, he stated, as-a-matter-of-fact-ly, "I have a New Man.  He's my new George Clooney."  I immediately asked what he was watching, and got a little hysterical over his not telling me and watching it with me.   

Drive is the movie.  Ryan Gosling is the actor.

I asked if he had already gotten to THE elevator scene--a clip I had previous seen on the internet which helped bookmark the movie in my head--and he graciously started the movie over for me.  I think he just wanted to see the first thirteen minutes again.

You see, over the years, DH has had a few major Man Crushes on celebrities.  The earliest one I can recall is Pierce Brosnan from The Thomas Crown Affair.  You can't deny the actor's debonair qualities against Rene Russo's catty and seductive role.

Then it was Brad Pitt from his role in Ocean's Eleven.  Not only did DH drool over his wardrobe in that movie, he also drooled over the fact that only Brad Pitt can pull off a wardrobe like that.

Finally, since Ocean's Eleven and in the more recent years, it was George Clooney.  He especially liked his role in Up in the Air.  DH loves, loves, loves the scene called 'Bar Club Cards', where the actors pull out their reward cards to outrank each other's 'frequent-flyer status'.  Only Clooney can pull off that suave throw-down with his charming, smirky grin.

One of the common themes of DH's man crushes is the actors' appeal through their choice of clothing.  These guys are smooth, sharp, stylish, and hip.  I think I mentioned 'refurbishing his outdated wardrobe' back in college, but I must say that since then, he's been quite the GQ man himself, all on his own.  At the workplace, even administrative assistants make a remark or two about his attire.  Sometimes they tease him about his color choices.  To which he emphasizes, it's salmon, not pink.  And he claims to 'just be' very in touch with his feminine side.  Yup, with his pink button-down shirt and salmon-colored tie.  I think he just wishes he were a metrosexual.  But let's face it: he's your average suburban daddy with no extra spending money and too many old t-shirts and ripped cargo pants.

But he can keep wishing.  Or live vicariously through his Man Crushes.


The first time we saw Ryan Gosling was in the 2004 movie, The Notebook, for which neither of us 'had a thing'.  It was a classic chick flick.  Nothing wrong with that.  But then Gosling more recently was in the news for breaking up a street fight in NYC and saving a woman from being hit by a taxi.  Millions of women got weak in the knees and swooned.

We (DH and I) were just a little late to the swooning, because we are perpetually catching up with the newest celebrity news and pop culture.

Only a few months ago did we watch the movies Crazy, Stupid, Love and Ides of March, both starring Gosling.  The part of him in CSL where he took off his shirt actually made my lower jaw drop.  His upper torso was so perfect that he looked photoshopped.  Anyway, I liked him.  I didn't love him, but that doesn't really matter.  We're talking Man Crushes here.  'We' started to like Gosling more and more in these movies.

But it was Drive that made Gosling an official Man Crush for DH. 

So back to the movie.

Ryan Gosling drives.  He drives and listens to music.  

There's romance and violence, but 'The Driver'--his character has no name--basically, drives.  It's a character movie with plenty of haunting music that adds to the mood of driving, alone or with his girl, and with very little dialogue.  The eyes, DH says of the characters, they speak with their eyes.  He added animated commentary while I watched scenes of Carey Mulligan's character interact with The Driver--with their eyes. 

I'll admit, I liked the movie.  The shock value of violence has its place in the movie, I suppose, and definitely makes this a guy movie rather than just a chick flick.  Gosling's robotic character really captures the quiet, solitary ambiance of the movie quite well.

That very night, DH bought the soundtrack and did his after-movie online research.  This is where he found the materials to later fill me in on the whole movie spiel--from casting to director background; Gosling prepping for the movie by, um, driving; and Gosling's account of driving with the director one night to witness him pounding his knees crying, 'This is what the movie is all about!'--with unprecedented enthusiasm and fervor.

And I think I've heard the soundtrack about 253 times by now.

When I typed in 'man crush' to prepare for writing this post, Google actually automatically listed my query with 'ryan gosling' as one of the choices.  Huh.  First I saw lots of entries on Andrew Garfield admitting his man crush on Ryan Gosling.  Then I found this awesome article, Why It's Not Gay to LOVE Ryan Gosling, Guys.  It's hilarious, and I guess my DH is not alone.


On our most recent outing, DH got into the driver's seat and turned on the soundtrack to Drive.  The song 'Nightcall' (song in video above) started playing.  He looked at me with his wannabe Gosling impersonation and said, "Just call me 'The Driver', and there will be no talking; we'll speak with our eyes."  Nevermind the fact that the two kiddos and my MIL were sitting in the backseats while all this happened.

And just like that, he had me muted.  Because, one, I didn't have a quick, clever comeback for him, and two, I didn't want to acknowledge his dorky humor (the kiddos and I are used not responding to his soliloquies of not-very-funny jokes).  Yet, by not saying anything, I just quietly obliged to his ridiculous request.  Yes, he does that to me every.single.time. 

Now perhaps you will indulge me and watch and listen to this song, 'Real Hero', from the movie, and you can see all those driving scenes and how they speak with their eyes.  (This particular video could not be embedded, so you will have to click over yourself.)

So, Man Crush, you are a topic of discussion that--between DH and myself--I find quite humorous and educational entertaining.  After all, who doesn't like her man to share her taste for male celebrities and have conversations and discussions about them?  And I even get a guy's perspective on this, not just girly infatuations going gaga over hot, manly babes.  Not only will I get to hear all about Gosling's je ne sais quoi extraordinaire, but also his fashion sense, his celebrity life style, and his behind-the-scenes experiences as an actor.  I seriously can't ask for more.

Except for the impersonations.  I can do without those.



  1. Interesting topic for a post. It got me thinking about my husband. Maybe he's weird (he's got to be a little bit 'cause he married me) but I don't think he's had a man crush. I'll have to watch more closely for the signs and symptoms, I guess :)

    1. Haha, Janna! No, it's not weird not to have a man crush (or marry you, silly)! By definition, it's 'an admiration for another man', whether it's in appeal, accomplishments, or any other area. It can get humorously taken out of context as well. And it's not in some people's personality to talk about it (in this way, with this term). I just thought my 'being muted' in the car was funny and wrote a whole post about it. Thanks for reading my rambling! =)

  2. Sandra, don't think my husband has man crushes (perhaps I have not been paying attention) but agree with your DH about Ryan Gosling. He's so the "IT" man right now. :)

    1. Hi, Tran! Like I said in the comment above, some people don't talk about admiration with this particular term, so it can really mean a variety of things. We just have these conversations quite a bit since we love watching movies, although always somewhat late to the newest ones. I think Gosling will have quite a career in acting and women/men swooning. =)

  3. That is hilarious! I love it. I'm not much into celebrities, and my husband hasn't ever had any man crushes - that I know about - but I think we may have to discuss this further. I can only imagine the scene in your car, and it's making me giggle.

    1. So it seems like I have one odd DH here. No one's DH has ever made a comment about how well another man dresses, or how cool another man acts, in an admiring way? Hmmm. Yah, that scene in my car is what prompted this post in the first place. I'm glad it made you giggle, Michelle, but I hope you feel my pain =) (I'm somewhat kidding.)

  4. mm Based on this post, I will get swiss chard next season. It looks yummy in your plate.

    1. Hi, Imelda! Swiss chard is beautiful and very tasty! You should try it, and you'll have to tell me what other vegetables you grow and suggest that I try next year!

    2. (This comment was meant for another post--Dear Swiss Chard-from-My-Backyard.)

    3. I have to re-visit your old posts to see your replies - for the life of me, my desk top does not process the blogger subscribe button well, though it works well with our laptop.

      I am growing Collard Greens - I have no idea how to harvest it - but according to research, harvest is done during the colder months so that the leaves are not so bitter.

      I have that accidental pepper plant (it was mis-named)- it was tasty fried in garlic and olive oil. It had some heat though - but it was a good side dish.

      I planted parsley - I never knew how delicious it truly smelled until I snipped a leaf and inhaled the fresh smell.

      Iplanted leeks - mostly as an experiment. I forgot some leeks in the fridge and they turned yellow. I put them in a glass of water and shoot new leaves. I gave them a chance on the ground.
      My zucchini did not do well. I always have a difficult time with zucchini.
      There, an entire blog's worth of response ;-) for my failure to reply back to your replies.

  5. Ah, this is so funny! Man-crush ha? First time I heard of the term. I am with Janna. I will observe my dear husband for any signs. :-))

    1. Yes, 'man crush' is a term that exists, perhaps a new-ish one? Maybe not all DHs will talk about it or even have one, but my DH is certainly not one to keep his thoughts back about this topic! =)

  6. So nice to have a man crush we can all appreciate!

    1. Yes to that! Thanks for stopping by, Nicole. I feel like I'm slowly being converted to having a RG crush now...