Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dear Eggs

Dear Eggs,

You were our highlight of today, and we were happy to be able to enjoy you in more ways than one!

Everyone in our family loves eggs, including extended family--from aunts and uncles to cousins and grandparents.  We like them any way: scrambled, fried, poached, or hard-boiled (and sometimes even green!).  If I weren't the acting nutritionist in our family, we would all probably eat way too many eggs for our own good!  When Dear Son was a toddler and was allergic to eggs, we though, "uh-oh."  But he readily redeemed himself and his placement on our family tree as he outgrew this allergy and now loves his eggs just like the rest of us.

This year, I decided to try dyeing eggs with natural dyes instead of artificial food coloring just to see how they'd turn out.  I looked at a few DIY websites, but I didn't take the time to use any of the recipes (I was too lazy to boil onion skins, cabbage, or carrots).  It was quite ironic that while normally I do my darnedest to keep everything from being stained by food products, for this I was actually searching for those that stain the best.  I tried using ingredients I had that I thought would work well, such as strawberries, red wine, coffee, chili powder, curry powder, and red and green bell pepper.  It turns out that juices from strawberries and bell peppers don't stain at all.  But that's okay, since I got a nice purple out of red wine, a beautiful brown out of coffee, a speckled orange from chili powder, and a faint yellow from curry powder.  It was fun, and they came out very pretty, if I say so myself.

Now onto little plastic eggies.  

When Dear Daughter was little, we would take her to park district egg hunts.  I soon learned that they were always a free-for-all stampede, with many grownups acting even more immature than children when it came to grabbing hunting for eggs.  So I decided that we would have egg hunts in the comfort of our own home--with a nice little twist: I would make treasure egg hunts for the kiddos.  This year was a little different because for the first time, we have two readers.  So I mixed it up a little bit.  I put the clues inside of the eggs along with treats, and the kiddos had to put their clues together to figure the location of the next set of eggs (DD immediately taught DS how to see the order of the two clues by distinguishing the periods and the commas).  And then there we were--a family of four on a wild goose chase: the two kiddos in the front running around the house, Dear Husband running after them with the camcorder, and I, the caboose, with my camera. 

The chase went something like this:

You may see them when you shower.
They’re Mama’s beautiful, prized flowers. (My orchids)

You put these on before your shoes, 
They are sometimes easy to lose. (Sock drawer)

Like a bookshelf but for bottles, 
They hold reds, whites, and bubbles. (Wine rack)
You open this every day, 
To practice music while you play. (Violin cases)

It’s a must and it’s a rule, 
You take this every day to school. (Backpacks)

In the room and by the wall, 
It’s the only place you’d find golf balls. (Daddy's reading lamp base) 

When you’re hungry for a snack, 
This is where you first attack. (The pantry)
From 1 to 4 we advance, 
This is where you play Just Dance. (Wii console)

You have one but even still, 
You don’t visit your Jack-and-Jill. (The never-used kiddos' bathroom)

In the room where Daddy works, 
Find your last prizes and perks. (The guest room/Daddy's workroom)

When all the plastic eggs had been opened, the clues paired, and the final prizes found (duct tape for DD's crafting and coloring pages for DS' newly found hobby), it was time to have some real eggs for our tummies.  DD took a brown egg, DS took an orange egg, and DH and I both took purple eggs.  I think next year I better use grape juice instead, since the red wine dyed through the shell and made faint spots on the egg white, and I actually taste a trace of red wine!  Eeek!  So you bet that DH and I will be the ones to consume all four purple eggs.  

So, Dear Eggs, what an eggscellent day we had with you.  Whether plastic or real, you will still stay around for a few more days with us.  But you'll remain one of our favorite edible foods--whether on your own or as a part of a recipe--throughout the rest of the year.

I hope you and your family had a blessed and wonderful Easter!  Now, back to school (from spring break), and back to Reality...


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  1. What a fun and clever egg hunt you had. We also do our own Easter Egg hunt but without the flourish that you have. :-) I have been wishing to join one of those community egg hunts though, just so my children can experience that at least once.

    By the way, your eggs look so delicate and pretty. Nice job with the coloring, Sandra. :-)

    1. I saw your children's egg hunt pictures on FB! That was a nice, calm, and serene hunt. If you MUST experience a group one, you will see that it is the complete opposite of yours. But I guess one should experience that at least once. :) I think next year MAYBE I'll actually follow some recipes and boils some cabbage and onion skin. They color eggs--for sure. Thank you for reading and your kind comments!

  2. First, what BEAUTIFUL colored eggs! Oh my gosh about the red wine! Good thing you caught that before the kids had them :O! And what a clever clever treasure hunt. I love the rhymes and the fact that both kids worked together to figure out the clues (the whole comma thing was awesome). Great job, mom! You are right, big open spaces for egg hunts is just a recipe for trouble. I like the more private hunt too. Not that I did one this year ;).

    1. Hi, Lisa! This treasure hunt game was one that I loved playing with my grandpa when I was little. I thought it adds more fun and complexity to an egg hunt. When DD was J's age, we took her to public hunts and she almost got knocked down by a sea of people. Then we tried it when DS was that age--same thing. Anyway, all the eggs are gone--we had yummy egg salad sandwiches yesterday and today for lunch. So, until next year, natural dyes! :) Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Sandra,
    What an awesome egg hunt - you were inspired with those clues. I bet everyone had a fun time.
    Hard boiled eggs are a favorite in our house and we don't eat them very often. Hubby made the most amazing deviled eggs out of ours. I freely admit to eating too many of them. They were that good.
    This was the first year our egg coloring went well - no fights, no spilled colors, beautiful eggs and kids had fun.

    1. Cindy! I saw your hubs' deviled eggs post! But *just after* I used my leftovers in an egg salad. Boo. They did look so good on the photos. I've never made deviled eggs before, and I may just have to give it a try.

      It's always such a great feeling when the kids are old enough to have solid, great fun. They will remember it and keep that fun alive in the years to come! Have a great weekend!

  4. Your dyed eggs are lovely. I was actually wondering whether the chili powder or curry taste came through the eggs - I should've known the red wine certainly would (it permeates everything!). I also love your little treasure hunt for the kids - what fun!

    1. Hi, Nilsa! I tried to dissolve the chili and curry powder in the warm water, and didn't make a very concentrated solution, so the taste did not go through the egg shell. But that red wine certainly did! If grape juice does that as well, then at least the faint taste would be tolerable for the kiddos. :) Thank you for reading!