Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear Murphy


Dear Murphy,

It seems to me that you get us with the notion of your Law every chance there is.  Sometimes you can be pretty merciless as you declare to us, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."  Today, I share my current Top Ten Cases of Things Gone Wrong:

10. The one day you decide to buy a glass jar of milk from a specialty dairy farm for twice the store brand retail price so that your child would find it appealing enough to drink more milk is the day he takes one sip of the milk and says, "I don't like the taste of this milk."  #YouHaveGOTToBeKiddingMe

9. The one time you open your big mouth to chime in on a basketball game by you and your husband's alma mater to remark how well the team seems to be doing at half time is the day your husband decidedly accuses you of being responsible for its loss because you usually never care enough to say anything about any sports games MUCH LESS THE WOMEN'S FINAL FOUR one.  #SorryHoney

8. The one occasion you roll up your sleeves to bake for a special event is the day you forget to add one ingredient (sugar or vanilla extract) which makes all of your cupcakes completely and utterly defective.  #Really?Seriously?

7. The one weekend morning you are able to sleep in and make up for all that stress and sleep deprivation from the long week is the morning your children are all up earlier than rise-and-shine on a school day and are partying-like-it's-1979 in your bed.  #PunchMeInTheFace

6. The one day you have a very important appointment but foolishly cram in one more task on the computer before leaving to make it right on time is the day you start the engine of your car and the gas warning light shines a little too smugly at you.  #CursingLikeAMimeInsideTheCar

5. The week I see my tulips emerge from the ground after the last snow is the week I discover they've stopped growing because ravenous creatures of the wild have been feasting on their tender shoots like it's an all-you-can-eat Spring Bulb Brunch .  #ShooFurryChompersShoo

4. The moment you are ready to sit down at the computer to get working is the time you see 7 Facebook notifications, 23 unread emails, 11 Twitter mentions, 4 repins, and 5 Google+ invites all screaming at you from across the 50 tabs you have open on your browser.  #PrioritiesPeople

3. The every.single.time your child gets a 104 degree temperature out of nowhere is always the hour your pediatrician's office closes on a Saturday afternoon and the next available appointment is 42 hours later.  #DefineOpportuneTime

2. The one night your child wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (yay for not peeing in bed) is the night he misses the toilet and you find yourself on your hands and knees at 3:38 AM wiping pee off the floor.  #AimItOrTameItLittleMan

1. The final time you declare Spring has arrived because it is April and the rest of the world is already in shorts and tank tops and you've already put away your winter coats is the week where you'll need your snow boots yet again because Mother Nature is schizophrenic in my part of the world and is gracing us with a forecast of snow.  #ItsAprilForCryingOutLoud

And by you I mean me.

So, Dear Murphy, I hope you are getting a kick out of your doings.  Cuz someone has to find such nonsense meaningful.  But I'll forgive and forget if you bring Spring on by and make her stay.  I am way too depressed from days and days of rain and cold.

Because of course, the moment she comes and stays is the day I'll begin to sneeze and itch like there's no tomorrow. 


P.S.  I have been under severe spam comments attack on this blog.  I don't want to turn on word verification for the sake of my readers who comment.  I don't want to moderate comments because that generates twice the number of email notification for them and me as well.  So if you comment here frequently and have been receiving email notifications to posts you have commented on, please unsubscribe (right from the email itself) to the comments on that post.  I apologize for that extra step, but it will save you from more annoying spam comments.  Meanwhile, I carry on whacking them spam moles.


  1. Can I please add: the minute you think you've figured out this parenting thing is the moment when your child turns into a monster whom refuses to be tamed.

    Happy weekend! =)

    1. I can totally relate, Nilsa! And the moment you throw your hands up not knowing what to do with your little monster, s/he turns right back into an angel. They keep us on our toes, don't they? Thanks for sharing your Murphy! :)

  2. How about when you decide to use a few extra dollars in the bank to stay in Florida just one more day and feeling a little guilty but happy you had the time of your life that last day only to find out when you get home that your finished basement has flooded. Add $10,000 to the guilt!! LOL

    1. Oh, Helen, I think you take the trophy for your Murphy! I'm so sorry about the basement--I hope the repairs are done by now? Since you don't know when the flooding happened (technically), that last day may not have been the culprit? Maybe? Thanks for sharing, too, although I wish it was something you can really chuckle about. Maybe a few years from now... :)

  3. Oh, I could relate to several of these. Murphy is a cantankerous fellow! I'm famous for the I'll-just-do-one-more-thing before an appointment, then I end up all stressed out (and late) because there was an accident on the freeway. And yet I still do it (???) I hope spring gets there soon for you, and that you are able to enjoy tulips at some point. (We had a problem with rabbits eating our new plants and finally tried sprinkling powdered fox urine around them - it worked.)

    1. Hi, Janna, my DH does NOT understand why I must leave the house at the very last minute (or the minute after that) to get somewhere. It drives him nuts!

      I had heard about coyote pee being effective to ward off tulip nibblers. I just hadn't gotten around to that as of yet, but the tulip shoots are growing in faster now, and hopefully pretty soon those creatures won't be interested in them much longer! If I had any diggers, then I probably would have bought that powder ASAP. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Yay! I am sorry about the spammails, Sandra. YOu remember my old bloggy? the one that is so difficult to comment on? Only spammers get there now and I have difficulty whacking hem too.

    Anyway, I am so sorry for the bulbs that got eaten - what a hearbreak. I'd also feel very bad if it happened to me. No. 2 is utterly hilarious as we have similar stories. :-) And I think, in general, we share the same fate from Murphy. Oh, cruel Murphy. :-)

    1. Well, luckily, Imelda, the furry animals only got the shoots above ground. It seems as if the bulbs are still intact and more leaves are now growing! We've had so much rain lately that I hope a little warmth will make them sprout fast! I'm sure I'll post pics soon...

      I was so hoping to hear that someone also has experienced #2--someone to say, "Been there, done that!" That makes me feel so much better. Thank you for sharing my pain! :)

  5. 10) Why do you want your child to drink more milk? I mean, my son LOVES milk but if he gave it up, I'd be fine with that. There are plenty of other good sources of calcium out there. Nevertheless, sorry he doesn't like it after all the trouble you went to. At least you didn't drop that glass container and milk spilled everywhere, right? :D
    8) Forgetting ingredients in recipe. Yep. That's me. Or the wrong ingredient. Me again. I once left out the ricotta in lasagna. And added baking soda to pork chops instead of corn starch. Ew.
    6) Hope you were able to get gas and make the appointment on time! I hate being late too.
    3) Yep, kids always get sick at the "wrong" time ;).
    1) Sorry about your snow!

    You need to move to WordPress. MUCH better spam filter. Granted, I also get more spam on WP compared to when I was on Blogger, but at least I don't need to moderate or CAPTCHA.

    1. Hi, Lisa! More milk because we are not milk drinkers. I know there's other good sources of calcium, but I'm afraid that they're not getting enough. It was worth a try, though. Those flavor straws help, too. The forgetting ingredients in cooking/baking is a recent phenomenon. I blame it on aging. :) Now it's not snow--it's rain and flooding. Spring just cannot come soon enough! We've had so much flooding in our area, in the streets and in basements. :( I'm totally ready for some sunshine!

      As for spam, I think Blogger has a pretty good filter, too. Only a small percentage gets through. I'm just really tired of deleting them all the time. I had considered moving over to WP a while ago, but for all practical purposes with what I want to do with my blog, I think I'm okay here (I'm just in it for the writing :)). The spam has slowed down. I only had three today! Woo-hoo!