Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dear Worst

Dear Worst,

Life isn't always fun and games, cuz you are always lurking just behind the rainbow.  And because I'm overbooked with subbing assignments and evening meetings and concert rehearsals and birthday parties and lesson planning and TKD testing and mandatory dinner engagement in the next few weeks, I am full of rants and must vent with a short post.  Here are my #TopTen Worsts in each category:

10. Driving: Backing up.  #ThereAreReasonsWhyOurEyesAreInFrontOfOurHeads

9. Summers: Mosquitoes.  #MyImmuneSystemHatesMe

8. Days: Not enough hours in them.  #OverAchieverOrUnderSleeper

7. Facebook: News feed algorithm.  #ItKnowsUsBetterThanWeKnowOurselves

6. Twitter: The never-caught-up stream.  #IveTotallyGivenUp  #ListsSchmists

5. Candy Crush Saga: Level 125.  #LevelFromHell  #MyPoorEyes

4. Cleaning: Hurting myself while I'm at it.  #RubbingSaltOnTheWound

3. Cooking: Being under any sort of time limit.  #LikeOilAndWater  (#SeeWhatIDidThere)

2. Subbing: Not learning the kids' names fast enough.  #WhatsYourNameAGAIN?

1. Parenting: Standing your ground AND feeling bad for the kid.  #ParentingIsHEARTWork

So, Dear Worst, I know, I know, mine are first world problems.  But if anyone can relate to any of these, then I won't feel so alone.  They kinda bring people together, you know?

(And yes, as soon as I ranted about Level 125 to a friend--after having been stuck there for weeks--I passed it immediately after the conversation.  How's that for productive venting?)

(It's okay, I can't see you shake your head in pity on your side of the screen.)

(So, go ahead, shake away.)



  1. Glad you got past that level ;). As for Twitter, don't worry about it. Me, if I am on then I respond to some tweets. But often, I don't because I'm hours or days late. I feel people don't expect a response that late anyway. I've kinda given up on Instagram actually.

    1. Hi, Lisa! I actually enjoy Instagram since I love seeing other ppl's pics. I haven't been posting a lot myself, but I like scrolling through. Twitter is just a lost cause for me. I feel so out of touch because I'm not an up-to-the-minute kind of person. Thanks for reading this short post!

  2. I had to delete Candy Crush. Cut all ties. It was the only way out. I have been tempted to put it back on and start over, then I remember the dark days and think better of it.
    I'm kind of over cleaning, too. I seem to go in spurts with that one. Like when company is coming over.
    And I'm glad it's fall. I'm ready for jeans full time and no more mosquitos.

    1. Shannon, you are an inspiration of will power! I'm afraid I'm not quite that disciplined. :) The game seems so pointless... until you pass yet another level... I haven't actually followed my own self-imposed cleaning schedule in, what, months? Sigh. I'm glad it's fall, too--can't wait to see the world change colors on us. It's just around the corner! Thanks so much for stopping by to read! :)

  3. I feel completely over-booked and stretched thin too. Driving #TrafficSucks, Days, completely agree with you and my biggest one, Parenting #WhyWon'tTheyJustDoWhatTheyAreSupposedToDoWithoutTheFight

    1. There are so many when it comes to Parenting! I, too, wish that they'd just do it, and not go through a huge dramatic scene before they end up doing it *anyway*. The drama keeps it real, I guess. I hope your girls are having a great start to the school year!

  4. I like your list. I don't do Twitter or FB, so thankfully, I can scratch that off my list :) Mosquitos. Yeah, they are horrible. My older son said he wished they were extinct. That got me wondering if their presence would be missed... Can I add parallel parking to driving? I'm either scraping the curb or two feet away- no in between, it seems! I agree cooking under a time limit is stressful. Especially if you are like me and overlook a key ingredient and you figure it out right in the middle of cooking! (I do that waay to often...)

    1. Hi, Janna! I *suppose* there'd be a missing link in the food chain if mosquitoes were extinct, but that'd be fine by me! :) Ha! Parallel parking--I haven't had to deal with that since we moved to the burbs! Now whenever we drive in the city, I feel so claustrophobic! And forgetting ingredients? I have been known to do that, too, while baking, which is a no-no! Have a great Monday and a great week, Janna!