Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Spent

Dear Spent,

People ask me how subbing is going, and you are what comes to mind.  Subbing is going well.  So well, in fact, that I'm completely and utterly stretched, and barely keeping my head above water.  It is really nice to earn some extra (but not-very-much) income, be productive, and be asked by familiar teachers for repeated and consecutive days of subbing (to be scheduled in advance as not to have to receive those 5:30 AM calls), so I'm not really complaining.  But when there's only so many hours in day, somethings have to give, so I'm still adjusting and learning how to juggle all of it.  Here is my #TopTen list of ways to know that I'm Totally Spent.

10. When the book on my nightstand has not been opened in days? weeks?  I've completely lost my summer-reading momentum.  My eyes can barely focus and my brain can hardly process anything by the time my body makes it to bed these nights.  #WhenWillIReadYouAgain?

9. When the lunch date that I have been planning to have with BFF since the beginning of the school year still hasn't happened yet.  #RainCheckWreck

8. When said BFF tells me that she hears crickets on my Facebook timeline.  #AnomalyOfAnOverSharer

7. When writing has taken a backseat to the point where all I can muster are silly little #TopTen lists.  #DrumrollPlease #ShortAndSweet

6. When grocery runs are done on the weekends as we all shuffle from one event to another.  #GlorifiedFamilyAffair

5. When the last time I cooked a homemade meal was more days ago than the fingers on my own two hands.  #Sigh

4. When the cleanliness of this house is hanging on by the strands of cobwebs that are growing by the glob-fuls under cabinet doors in the kitchen, bathroom, and in places I probably don't know since I haven't had to time to look.  #AlsoGrowingDirtyDishesAndLaundry #AndRaisingDustBunnies

3. When Dear Daughter's school accordion file has not been emptied in days? weeks?  Remedy: I've passed on this responsibility to DD herself.  Dear Husband made a drop box so she can empty her papers herself and I'll look through them when I get to them.  #NoteToSelf #DontForgetToLookThroughThem

2. When Dear Son's reading book bag (that needs to go back to school everyday to switch out books) is sitting on the floor next to my bed while he's at school.  (And I imagine his teacher is wondering how with-it this parent can possibly be when such simple daily routines are broken, and, embarrassingly, more than once.)  Remedy: I've passed on this responsibility to DS himself.  #PostItNotesToTheRescue

1. When there is no time or energy left to crush candies (gasp!).  Or remember to play Wordfeud with DH and Friend, whose eyes are probably stuck at a rolling position cuz I've resigned one too many games in the last few weeks.

And if you're wondering if I've forgotten DH on my list, or if I've just abandoned him altogether, well, he is about as worn out as I am these days, as he has to contend with Morning Madness when I run off to schools in the morning.  So you're looking at two peeps of zombified mental capacity by the end of the day, barely to be resuscitated by another night's not-enough sleep.  How it is we survive from day to day has been a miracle in itself.

Disclaimer: it is not only subbing that has me nearly drowned.  It's also the kiddos' after school activities and some other school-related evening events that have taken up every.single.moment of our time in recent weeks.  Treading water is hard work, I tell ya!

So, Dear Spent, though I'd rather spend my time gazing up at a beautiful sky and deciding what the clouds look like, I'm stuck catching up from one event to the next, wondering when my home will be clean and clutter-free again.  If this is to be my new normal, then I seriously need to be in bed already.  Goodnight.

(How do you juggle it all?  Tips, advice, and suggestions welcome!)



  1. I was just saying last night that I need to get my sh*t together. Between work, kids with homework, instrument practice, reading requirements, extra math, b-day parties, school projects and nightly showers I'm crazy from 5-8/8:30. Husband does dinner and cleaning and washes laundry, I fold at night and get other work done. It's insane and I don't have ANY suggestions. But I'll check back in case someone, somewhere comes up with some :)

    1. b-day parties and friends on the weekends only, obviously

  2. No one juggles it all. Don't let them fool you.Parenting is a tough job and if the disheveled sight of a supposedly "with it" parent doesn't tell you everything, then I don't know what does! =)

  3. Life is a series of busy times and down times. I'm sure you all will come through this period of busyness with flying colors! I find that in our times of busyness, the hubs and I work together and it makes our team stronger. I mean, look at DD whom you gave more responsibility. That's great! Anywho, this post doesn't give me hope that it gets easier as kids get older. I'm so spent these days with an infant. I'd hope I'd get more sleep back one day :)

  4. I'm not sure that juggling is feasible. Some things just don't get done. In my house, the cleaning is what takes a hit. We try to keep it sort of presentable, but my standards were lowered. And the kids do help with chores around the house, so it's not all on me! Hang in there :)

  5. Ahhh, Sandra. Don't you know that you can never have it all? It never works that way, and we become more insane the more we expect that we can grab everything we want. I love that the subbing is working so well for you, but don't worry... this "with it" parent hasn't even seen a single book come home this year, though supposedly they do every night. It's her responsibility though, so she'll deal with the consequences < mean mom

  6. Dear Friends, I'm so sorry for not responding earlier! My latest post explains why...

    Nilsa, I'm just always amazed how working parents do it. Now that I'm transitioning back to working, everything just seems so much harder with kids. Disheveled? I'm that parent!! Hope you're having a GREAT time on your big trip!

    Lisa, same here: DH has been a tremendous support, taking on more when I cannot do it all. I'm so grateful. The kids have been helping with taking over their own responsibilities, too, so we're making do! As for getting easier: in a lot of ways, it does. I remember caring for infants, and it's HARD WORK. Whenever I think of all that sleep deprivation, I instantly feel better when things are hard now. You just have to deal with different issues when they get older. :)

    Janna, the cleaning has gotten so neglected that I'm terrified that people might "drop in" on me, in which case, I might pretend I'm not home! Thanks for reminding me about getting the kids to help. I easily forget that part when I'm stretched as it is. :)

    Michelle, you're right, I cannot have it all. I just want to be sane while I'm trying to get back into teaching, which is turning out to be SO VERY DRAINING cuz kids on top of my own kids are a huge handful for my brain to handle. The kids are being more responsible for their own stuff, which is a win-win anyway. I don't think you're a mean mom; you know you are just teaching her how she needs to help herself. We're using the term "consequences" in our house a lot these days!! Thanks for stopping by!