Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dear Kid-at-Heart

Dear Kid-at-Heart,

I usually spot your kind in others--in dads who love electronic gadgets and gaming devices, in seniors whose eyes sparkle at the sight of candy, and grownups who take family games more seriously than the owners of said games.  It was quite ironic to see that spectacle turned at myself.

Here are two truths and a lie:
1. We went on vacation with my SIL's family last week.
2. Dear Husband drove three kiddos to Orlando.
3. I was not one of the kiddos.

Here are the #TopTen ways in which I reverted to a kid on vacation:

10. The drive.  Yes, we DH drove.  The drive was 17.5 hours each way, which we did in two days going there and coming back. But because of traffic and a snow storm, we drove 2 extra hours just before our destination both ways.  The kiddos were surprisingly well-behaved during the drive, providing minimal "how many more minutes" and "I need to pee".  They earned an A+ for the drive.  I, on the other hand, scored about a B-. But if you could hear the thoughts inside my head, you would have given me a C-.  This young grasshopper needs a new lesson on patience.  #AreWeThereYet

9. The Meals.  This part was a true vacation for the mama in me.  I didn't have to be responsible for any of our meals.  I was wide-eyed and excited about every upcoming meal--like a kid--because I DIDN'T HAVE TO MAKE IT.  DH even cooked breakfast every morning for us. Lucky me.  #ICanGetUsedToThis

8. The Rides: part 1.  Our last visit to Orlando was during the single worst week of the year.  The parks were so full they were CLOSED to new visitors at midday.  DH woke Dear Daughter up at 6:30 AM in order to get into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  So, this was the first time I got to experience the glory of Harry Potter world.  With NO LINES!  Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was my very first ride of the vacation, and it knocked me out of the ball park.  I'm not a roller coaster kind of gal, but this sort of stay-on-the-ground-but-feel-like-you're-coasting ride is perfect.  I get the thrill without the ill.  Subsequently, the Spider-Man and Transformer rides were similar but less "flighty" that even Dear Son enjoyed them very much.  We all agreed that the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride tops as one of our favorites.  Who was the kid of our family that reached out to grab the banana on the 3-D ride?  #Me

7. The Rides: part 2.  And then there were rides that have height requirements.  In which case my kid-at-heart status trumps my height.  #NoThankYou

Um, no.

6. The Concessions.  DH can attest to the fact that I get more excited about concession stand foods than my own kiddos.  He bought the refillable souvenir popcorn bucket.  For me.  And for the record, I was gracious enough to share some with my kiddos.  Oh, and the BUTTERBEER!  I had to go back for seconds.  The frozen variety rocks.  #Cheers

5. The Souvenirs.  I normally try to be an adult and skip the souvenirs since they are completely EXORBITANT, but this time I gave in to two.  (Even DH got a Muggle shirt!)  #GoForBrokeOnVacay

4. The Bath.  Ask me how many times a year my kiddos beg to take baths and I'll tell you how many times a year I pretend to forget those requests.  Our timeshare had something special in the bathroom: something about water from the ceiling.  Each of my unit mates had a chance to take a bath during vacation.  Now ask me how many baths I took.  #Ahhhhhh

3. The Memories.  "Remember that time when..."  "Sorta."  "Or that time when..."  "Um, kinda."  I'm the most forgetful person I know.  Which is why DH thinks it's great to take me on vacations: he says he can keep doing the same things each time because I don't remember anything.  #He'sRight

2. The Kids Talk.  Apparently, I talk like a kid, too.  After we went on the Nemo ride at EPCOT, we toured the aquarium gallery.  Being aware of the kiddos' hunger meter, I may have been quite insensitive:
Me (to DH): Do you still want to have your favorite fish and chips for lunch?
DH (looking shocked, to the fish): You didn't hear that! (To me): SHHH! They can hear you!
Me: ...

1. The Rude Awakening.  After a week of warm weather, we came home to a snow storm.  The hubs and the kiddos braved the cold and went to work and school on Monday.  I, the biggest wimp, took the day off.  Even my own kiddos are more grownup than I am.  #BackToLifeBackToReality

So, Dear Kid-at-Heart, what better time to be you than on vacation?  I felt like a kid again and enjoyed the magic of vacation fun.  Unfortunately for DH, he had to tote around an extra kid and do all the driving because, like a kid, I'm completely useless when it comes to driving (long distances).  Thank goodness he doesn't mind my uselessness.

At T minus 13 days to Christmas, I have nothing resembling the holidays in my house.  I'm blaming it on this vacation.  Maybe if I remain a kid, Santa will do his magic and help me out this year?



  1. Sounds like a great trip. I don't think we will ever make it back to Disney, but I would like to see Harry Potter world, if only for the butter beer.

    1. Disney was the highlight for my 4yo niece, but the rest of our hearts stayed at Universal. The butter beer is definitely worth the visit! I wonder how many people have tried to come up with the recipe?! I sure would love it! Thanks for reading, Shannon!

  2. Ah, so that's where you were! What a great trip to do in the winter with NO LINES and crowds. I can't believe they actually closed the park to new visitors at midday! Whoa!!!! So great you didn't have to cook anything! Since the hubs cooks every other week at home, I do get a regular break. Nevertheless, it's always nice to have a few days where you don't have to worry about meals. Plus, you're on vacation!

    It's just great feeling like a kid again! I remember taking J to the Baltimore Aquarium for his first time. I was definitely more excited than J!!!!

    What a cool bathtub! J would have loved that too.

    LOL on what DH said about your memory!!!!

    1. Yes, that's where we were, Lisa! Huge difference in number of people during low and peak season! I think the meals part was one of the biggest highlights of our week away. And when do you get to have a daily bath? Certainly not at home with the daily normal routine. It might be a little while before you go with your kids, but it's a lot of fun if you're prepared for that kind of stuff. Thanks for coming by, and I'm so overdue at yours. Will do so soon--the holidays have whooped my butt. ;)

  3. I've never been to Disneyworld (but have been to Disneyland several times and absolutely hate it...the crowds are just too much and if the kids never show a desire to go again, I'll be okay with that.)

    It looks like you had a great time. I'm with you on sitting out some of the rides. I don't do upside down or free-fall. That bathtub does look cool. I can imagine the messes my kids would make with that set up!

    1. Hi, Janna! The crowd was so much better this time that it was actually enjoyable. We got to go on most rides we wanted to, so it makes the admissions tickets actually worthwhile! The bath was a lot of fun. You shoulda seen the look on my face when I couldn't find the water spout... I hope this holiday season isn't making your life bonkers--stay cool, and I'll be over to read soon! Thank you, my friend!

  4. Looks like a fabulous vacation. I mean, I'm actually pretty down on Disney vacations, BUT anything that involves nice weather right about now sounds really darn good to me. =)

    1. Right, Nilsa? We have friends down there this week enjoying the fun and sunshine, but they'll come back to about 10 degrees come Monday. I don't know how we do it here in the winters. When will you guys be ready for a Disney vacay? ;)

  5. Sandra, your vacation sounds magical! The one and only time I went to Disney World was at age 10, the first year it was open.It was something I've never forgotten. It really can bring out the child in amyone. Your kids will never forget the incredible journey your family took together, including the car ride. It's so hard to come back to the cold weather here after being where it's warm. Thanks for sharing your travel with us. It's the next best thing to going along. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! :-)

    1. Thank you, Chrisor, for "coming along" on the ride! It's a completely different "world" in Orlando in the parks. Nothing and everything makes sense. I guess that's how you know you're on vacation!? But we did have a great time. I hope you and yours have a beautiful Christmas and a very happy New Year! Enjoy the holiday season, Chrisor!