Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Last week, I was tagged by Lisa of Expandng to join the Blog Author Tour, where bloggers share details of their writing process. Though I have written about this topic a few times in the past, (on why I love to write, my blogging anxieties, and my writing process), I know that introspection and reevaluation always help one grow, especially in the area of writing. Here are the four questions to answer:

What am I working on?

Lately, I've been working on just having some time to sit down to write. I hang my head in shame when I look at the number of posts I've published in April. I'll save you the time to find it on the right sidebar: ONE. I have surrendered to my busy teaching and mothering schedules of late. It's a reality and I simply cannot add more hours to the day. I hate that I have to put this blog on the back burner, but I'm dealing and adjusting to these changes with grace and style.

You know, like the composure Monica Geller would display if her hands and feet were tied as she watched her friends cook in her kitchen with her "fancy guest" towels.

Otherwise, I sneak little bits of time during the busy days and nights to think about topics for future posts. The typing part of the writing is only a portion of the entire process, so getting a mental picture or a few bullet points in my head is very helpful. I'm also mindful of taking pictures of everyday life that can somehow find their ways to posts later. It's always nice to have a stash of photos I can use to illustrate a setting or sentiment.

Like the way I can prove to you that my workouts are still going strong, yay!

But I am always working on learning new things for this blog. I have just made slight changes to the blog template for a newer, fresher look. Over time, I have learned how to make a custom blog header, how to embed video and audio files, photo slide shows, and drawings. See below for my newest self-taught skill: creating and inserting my first-ever pie chart! 

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This blog is none other than a personal blog. It is a place where I share my thoughts as a mother, teacher, and writer. I'm not sure that it actually differs from other personal blogs, but I write to make each post more meaningful than a diary entry or a list of "what we did." Each post might begin with something that "we did," but it generally becomes more relevant than "that thing we did." This is not a public diary, and I'm sure readers would be more interested in an idea or issue that they can identify with than be forced to read what we did over the weekend. Although little tidbits of what we did over the weekend might sometimes add a little pinch of spice to the ordinary...

And in case you were wondering what we did over the weekend... Someone had a birthday celebration at a lovely Sunday brunch. She didn't even mind turning forty-one!

Why do I write what I do?

There are a few reasons why I write the things I do. I write to:
  • Capture memories. I'm taking snapshots of moments in my life. It's definitely interesting to go back and see what was going on with the kiddos or what was going through my mind at any certain point. It's an ongoing memory book, if you will.
  • Write. Real writers write often. This blog keeps me going even if my schedule tries to interfere. 
  • Share and know that we are not alone. It is my intent to share some of my parenting mishaps or triumphs, introspective self-discoveries or revelations, and the congested streaming of words gushing through my head. If you read any of it, I would be happy. If you laughed at any of my tomfoolery, I would be elated. If you were able to relate to any of my experiences, I would be jubilant. 

How does my writing process work?

Here's the breakdown for each blog post I write:

I cannot even begin to tell you how long it takes me to complete one post. Because you would surely think I'm nuts. I waste way too much time on editing, fretting over the post, and my social media vice. I am incapable of staying within limits of sensible proofreading time. I venture so far beyond the Wall that I risk being slaughtered by Wildlings or White Walkers. But I digress...


So there you have it. Another exciting edition of my writing escapades. 

Read about Lisa's writing process and see how her blog evolved from a parenting blog to a family photography blog. Another blogger friend, Shannon from Deepest Worth, also participated in this writing exercise last week. I enjoyed reading both of their posts and finally had the time to write my own.

I'd now like to invite two more of my blogger friends to join in on sharing their writing processes: Janna of JannaTWrites and Imelda of My Word Wall. I met both of these writers from a prompt-writing community. Janna is an amazing writer of short fiction as well as longer pieces in series. Imelda is a brilliant photographer and poet. I would love to see how their creative processes work! (No obligations, ladies, but it would be fun!)

Now that I've written one post this month, May cannot possibly be worse than April, right? 


  1. Awww, thanks for the shout-out. It if makes you feel any better, I had very few posts in April, too and I don't have the (very valid) teaching excuse.
    Did I miss your birthday? Happy birthday!!
    I love your writing, Sandra, no matter how you do it.

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you answered the tag! Hehe on the Friends reference. I'm always up for one :). And certainly it takes a lot of time (probably more for you than me, hehe, since I'm a bit haphazard) to come up with ideas, draft, and then publish. I think the posts you put forth are very thoughtful, so don't ever exchange quality for quantity. But hey, yay for workouts. I've been lacking in that area big time! And yay for newly acquired blogging skillz :).

    Happy belated 41! The brunch looks awesome.

    I agree that I also write in order to have that community.

  3. I get so excited when I see your posts on my Bloglovin feed.
    Just thought you would like to know that.

  4. I hang my head in shame right next to you. It's tough to post consistently and I try very hard to post at least once a week - a recap of what's been going on which I didn't manage to do this past Sunday. Hoping to get something together for this week! :)

  5. Had to laugh at your Monica Geller reference... she was a bit uptight (understatement) at times! You are looking at the bright side though - at least May is at least as good as April (and a chance to best April's posting schedule at this early stage of the month!) Finding a happy medium between proofreading and obsessing (fretting) can be tricky. I hope you find your sweet spot. Hang in there :)
    (Oh, and happy birthday, too!)

  6. I enjoy reading these posts on why people write. Regular readers might think they know why you write, but maybe there's something new to learn?!? I hear ya on life overtaking your ability to write ... that's probably why I haven't yet responded to Lisa's tag to blog about my writing style. =D