Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Full Circle

(#FirstYearTeachingChronicles Part 1)

At birth, we enter the world bare and naked;

July 2014

Unadorned, imperfect;

Empty walls

Unsettled, out of place.

Random furniture

Some say we exit the world taking nothing with us,

June 2015

Except for our skin...

After 8 hours of cleaning and packing the classroom for summer

And bones.

With every speck of a year's learning sent away

Others say we take with us an abundance of Experiences and Lessons, 

Notice and Note anchor charts

From the beginning of the Journey,

Genre study of legends, pourquoi tales, tall tales, and folktales

 To the end.

Expository nonfiction reading unit

I might add to that, some Smiles,

Pajama Day

Lots of DANCING!

Classroom brain breaks, aka Just Dance videos

And some Lifetime Achievement Milestones, forever ours to keep.

End-of-school-year American Revolution Unit featured at Success Night

We come full circle, but not to an End. 

End-of-year flowers from a lovely family

For it is another New Beginning.

At least I keep the same room and same grade level!

And the possibilities are endless.

Once the gears start churning again.


  1. Full circle indeed! Glad you enjoyed your first year. I love PJ day! Those yellow slippers look so comfy!

    1. I'm pretty sure 'survived' is a better word here, although I did enjoy many parts of this first year (mostly towards the end). Thanks for being around even after my long hiatus, Lisa!